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Eternals is the lowest rated Marvel Cinematic Universe on Rotten Tomatoes –

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eternity became a movie Marvel Cinematic Universe lowest ever So rotten tomatoesAt least at the time of writing this report. On the first platform, the feature film scored 66%, matching Thor: The Dark World.

As noted, even major newspaper reviews on Metacritic suggested very different opinions, with positive judgments accompanied by very negative voices such as New York Post He says, “Right after Nomadland won the Academy Award for Best Director at Nomadland, ChloĆ© Zhao rolled out one of the worst Marvel Cinematic Universe films ever made.” These are the words that accompany 25/100 of the magazine.

Angelina Jolie da Eternals

clearly press opinion It is not always identical to the audience. An objective judgment may not be of interest to fans of the genre, as shown for example by Venom Let There Be Carnage, which – despite receiving 60% of critics – can be based on an 83% overall rating on Rotten Tomatoes and achieved $1 billion at the box office, according to reports.

eternity It will be shown in Italian cinemas on November 3, 2021. Only then will the audience be able to decide whether or not they agree with the critics. In the meantime, you can continue reading Movieplayer Review.

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