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Galaxy S22, at this price, it is impossible not to buy it: an unimaginable discount

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This long weekend starts at the end of April with a great offer which relates to a smart phone more performance launched in the last period. We are talking about Galaxy S22, the smartphone that, despite the release of the Galaxy S23, is still one of the best phones out there. And as we well know, when a new model hits the market, the previous one sees the price drop very quickly. Exactly what happens to the Galaxy S22. Today, in fact, it is available on Amazon with one An exceptional 35% off What did you do Save over 300 euros in the price list. Needless to say, this is the absolute lowest price and one of the best on the entire web. To enrich the promotion, there is also the possibility of paying it in 12 interest-free installments using the service on the product page.

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the Galaxy S22 Needs a little introduction. It is one of the few compact smartphones available on the market, with an excellent processor and photographic sector that allows you to take and record pictures in very high resolution. To all this we must also add the constant support from Samsung that releases updates regarding Security patches (You will always be safe from new viruses and malware) and new features. A bargain not to be missed.

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Galaxy S22: Technical sheet

In a market where smartphones are taking ever-increasing shapes and sizes, Galaxy S22 It remains one of the few that can still be used with one hand. The merit is 6.1-inch Dynamic AMOLED screen And side frames are practically absent. A screen that also includes other advantages, such as Refresh rate Up to 120 Hz for smoother use and without annoying “jiggles” when scrolling through social networks, thanks Vision Booster technology It is very visible even under sunlight. To manage everything there Exynos 2200 processor With support for 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory.

Samsung’s efforts have mainly focused on the photographic sector. Not only with regard to the choice of sensors, but above all with regard to investments in technology the night This helps you capture bright and detailed photos even in low light conditions. Merit above all Advanced AI algorithms. Going back to the properties, at the back there is a file Triple camera with a 50MP main sensor, a 12MP wide-angle lens and a 10MP telephoto lens, which are increasingly rare in smartphones. Don’t miss the SpaceZoom mode that allows you to take pictures at up to 30x magnification with very little quality loss.

We close with a battery that allows you to get to the end of the day without too much worry and thanks to a quick recharge it takes just over an hour to get “full power”.

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Galaxy S22 on Amazon: price and discount

One of the best promotions this weekend is about Galaxy S22. Samsung’s best smartphone is available with one offer 35% off Yes Save over 300 euros in the price list. There is also the possibility of paying it in interest-free installments using the service provided by Amazon: 12 monthly installments of €47.67. The price is really advantageous: we are talking about a smartphone that guarantees superior performance for at least two more years and pays as much as the mid / upper range, but is worth much more. The offer has been active for a few days now and stocks are running out, so you need to be very quick to take advantage of it. Delivery is managed through the e-commerce site and reaches your home in no time.

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