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Netflix, here are all the movies and TV series arriving starting January 17th

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We know that Netflix never stops updating its media catalog. In fact, there are several TV series and movies ready to appear on the platform as of tomorrow, Monday, January 17th. Let’s go and see together the most awaited productions.

For example, on January 21, the awaited first part of the fourth season of Ozark, which will conclude the story starring the Byrdie family. Therefore, Netflix will split the season into two segments of seven episodes.


Among the many Netflix original productions that will premiere this month are The High Season and Amandla.

Thus, the series will start exactly where we left off in season 3. Furthermore, the cast has been confirmed where we will meet again Jason Bateman e Laura Linney In the roles of Marty and Wendy Birdie. Not only that, in fact, we will have two new entrants this season who have been impersonated Veronica Falcone e Ali Stroker.

Also on January 21, we will have the debut of a new TV series coming straight from Brazil, high season. Of course, there will be cinematic novelties such as the historical film Monaco: On the brink of war. The latter, in fact, narrates the rise of Nazism in Germany and is based on a book of the same name by Robert Harris.

Thus, the heroes of the film will be the English public official, Hugh Legat, and the German diplomat Paul von Hartmann who find themselves having to manage the difficult political situation in the country. There will also be comedies on Netflix.

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Monaco: On the Brink of War –

The remake of The Grinch will also hit the streaming platform in January

Specifically, on January 20, they will arrive at the popular streaming site royal treatment e Messages and secrets. Let’s see, specifically, a list of all the movies and TV series that will hit the platform this last part of the month.

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We start on the 18th with a Netflix original TV series The Doll Master: The Hunt for the Crook and a film produced by the same broadcasting channel, Mighty Express: What a problem in Traxville!. It’s finally coming Tuesday too Arizona e Assassination Nation.

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However, on the twentieth day, we will find beyond the two mentioned comedies the new version de Greenwich. The 21st will arrive, plus another season Lay lai magical friendAnd dad too e Power. Finally, on the 22nd, several films will arrive on the platform, including CruxAnd I’m a dancer e skull and crow.

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