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Prime Video, 5 Movies to Watch July 2023

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Prime Video can be an excellent ally to face the sweltering heat of July 2023, which does not allow you to go outside during peak hours. In fact, some original and non-original movies are ready to be released on the platform.

So let’s see what they are The best movies on Prime Video coming out July 2023We have collected them in this article for you!

Prime Video: The best movies of July 2023

From the Italian comedy to the fourth chapter of the movie saga with Keanu Reeves. Here’s what you’ll see this month Amazon platform!

summer hot

A film about a hot Sicilian summer, the last summer in the country for Lucia, who is about to separate from her friend Valentina because of her transfer to university. However, Deacon Nicola’s arrival in the parish causes chaos and leads both friends to have feelings for him. Thus, when Lucia approaches Nicola to help Valentina get over him, she will end up falling in love with him herself. The movie is available from July 6.

Los Enquiados

In the year 2031, the struggle for control of the city in Bogotá intensifies. A reporter finds himself investigating a murder that leads him into a city-wide conspiracy. In this dangerous context, the journalist will have to choose the contract, but he may discover that he is just a pawn in a larger game. The movie is available from July 7.

Student Council

July 12th sees the protagonists of a group of forty-year-old friends, Bob, Roman, Max and Vines, who meet at the Student Council of the College of Economics and Commerce. The quartet finds themselves entrapped for a variety of reasons with a new generation of students during an “unlimited” weekend in the Alps.

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July 17th is the time for Robots, a comedy set in a near-future America that follows the story of a womanizer, Charles, and Eileen, a gold-digger. The two trick people into having relationships through illegal doppelgängers of themselves, but when they inadvertently play this trick against each other, the robot doppelgangers fall in love and flee, forcing Charles and Elaine to chase them.

John Wick 4

After escaping death, John Wick hid underground in New York with the King of the Bowery, preparing his revenge on the High Table. The murdered man continues his endless fight in search of freedom in the fourth episode of the saga, which was shown in cinemas last March. The film is available on the platform from July 20.

Speaking of the well-known streaming service, did you check out last month’s best movies on Prime Video?

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