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Was Doctor Strange 2 set before Spiderman No Way Home? Crazy fan theory!

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According to a fan theory that has surfaced on the web in the past few hours, the plot of Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness It can be set before the facts that are told in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Although released six months after the release of the John Watts movie, Doctor Strange 2 could be the progenitor.

Don’t read the news If you don’t want to read spoilers About Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness.

While the feature film brings it back to the big screen Sam Raimi style insight As we come to a close, we learn that Stephen Strange 616 has succumbed to Darkhold, with devastating effects, as a third eye appears on his forehead. L ‘Darkhold’s magnetic effect In the strange variant, they transform a benevolent sorcerer into a devious, devious beast, unable to think clearly and forced to do battle within himself.

The audience questioned why Strange performed the spell in No Way Home, claiming that it was too dangerous and unsuitable for Strange’s character. Now according to a theory circulating on Reddit, the stranger who took care of the spell accused of helping Peter Parker (Tom Holland) could be the version that Darkhold subjugated.

A theory in conflict with the details: Strange in No Way Home does not wear the damaged cloak that appears at the end of the Madness multiverse, and does not show any symptoms of mental instability (except for the third eye of course). However, the theory is interesting on social media and may not be entirely out of the way. What do you think that?

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