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FBI searches Trump’s home, Attorney General: ‘Neutral application of the law. We ask to be able to reveal the reasons’

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All Americans have the right “The impartial application of the law”. With these words, the US Attorney General said, Merrick Garlandfor the first time since then searching forFBI in headquarters Mar Ago Owned by the former US President, Donald Trump. FBI attack, which unleashed fury pole And its supporters as well To increase the pressure of the Republican Front In defense of what continues to emerge as the true leader of the Conservatives. “A sincere commitment to the rule of law is the core principle of the Department of Justice and our democracy. Supporting the rule of law means Uniform application of the lawWithout fear or favour,” said Garland, who noted, in light of the controversy that followed the operation, that “given the intense public interest posed by the search in the home of a former president, the government believes that these factors favor it.” Make authorization content public Research.” Garland said the Department of Justice has applied to the court to make the terms of the memorandum public.

“Much of our work is necessarily done out of the public eye – the secretary continued – we do this to protect the constitutional rights of all Americans and to protect the integrity of our investigations,” he said, adding that ethical rules preclude further detail in the search for Trump’s drug. Although, as the FBI director has already done, Christopher RayConcern about the threats received by the Federal Office after the lightning attack on Trump’s home has not abated, particularly in the circles of the former president’s supporters: “Department of Justice agents and officials were unjustly attacked. They are patriots who sacrifice themselves for the good of the nation – he continued – it is an honor to work with them.” He then took full responsibility for the decision regarding the investigation against pole: “I personally agreed to search the former president’s house.”

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