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Elections in Hungary, Orban wins again – world

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Hungary does not change: Viktor Orban wins again. And he, presenting himself this time as a “man of peace”, defending the fear of the Ukrainian conflict, rejoiced late in the evening: “We have won over all!”.
Hungary first! In more than 70% of the vote, the outgoing sovereign prime minister has a clear advantage, with the coalition made up of the ruling party Fidesz and the KDNP Christian Democrats, receiving 54.6% of the favourite, which will translate to 134 seats, out of a total of 199; And the opposition of the ultra-Catholic, pro-European Peter G., who brought all the other parties into a coalition, is 33.6 percent with just 58 seats.
The far right also had a good result with 6.4% and 7 seats.
In one of the most important votes in the country’s history, with Prime Minister Orban running for a fourth consecutive term, voter turnout was 67.8%, down slightly from four years ago. And he, Fidesz President, did not miss the opportunity to stress that “a clear signal in Brussels” is also coming from the polls. “Our fourth victory in a row is the most important, because we won power against an opposition that was allied. They all joined forces and we won anyway – he said victoriously.
We have also won internationally against globalization. against Soros. against the main European media. As well as against the Ukrainian president. Fides represents a conservative national and Christian force. It is the future of Europe. Hungary first!
For his part, Marky Z. conceded defeat, but with bitter words of denunciation by saying, “In an unfair and dishonest system like this, we can do no more,” defying too strong government propaganda. The prime minister, who has been promoting illiberal democracy for years, and who has a dispute with Europe over the rule of law, for restricting freedom of the press and the judiciary, has in recent weeks focused on the fear of war, and continues to do so. As far as it breaks the compression of Visegrads. He was, in fact, the only one who refused to hand over weapons to Kyiv, making sure in every way that Budapest remained out of the conflict with Moscow.
The prime minister, who went early in the morning to vote with his wife Aniko Levi at a school on the outskirts of Budapest, predicted a “great victory”, but a certain tension prevailed in the words published to the press. For the first time, Orbán felt that the opposition presented itself in a single coalition, “United for Hungary”.
An electoral cartel of six parties of different political orientations, led by Peter Markie Zee. Everyone unites with the goal of ending Orbán’s “illiberal democracy” season. Help for the opposition also came from the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, who addressed Orban on Saturday evening again, “the only one in Europe who openly supports Putin.” “I am not afraid to call the war after him – he attacked the Ukrainian head of state – this is called honesty, which Viktor Orban lacks, and perhaps lost somewhere in his relations with Moscow.” However, Zelensky’s criticisms, adding to those made during the European summit, may well be counterproductive. Fear spread among voters, instilled by pro-government propaganda, that the opposition would drag Hungary into war by allowing arms to pass into Ukraine.
Marianne, retired, says that she voted for Markie G., hoping not to declare war on Russia, the situation – she says – is dangerous and I remember the Russian tanks in Budapest.
There are also shades of vote fraud. The Hungarian Civil Liberties Union reported irregularities. In Hortopaje, a town in eastern Hungary, the local government, according to activists, organized and announced buses to take people to vote. “The local election commission said this was illegal, but our activists – the NGO claims – identified a bus carrying them.”
These accusations are added to the suspicions reported in recent days by several journalists who found burned ballot papers in Romania, in an area inhabited by the Hungarian minority. It is no coincidence that the OSCE sent – for the first time in an EU country – 200 observers to monitor the correct conduct of voting. Which promises to be more controversial than ever.

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Towards the victory of the pro-Russian Vucic in Serbia
Declared victory. It’s Aleksandar Vucic in Serbia, where early parliamentarians, presidential elections, and administrative elections were voted on in 14 municipalities, including the capital, Belgrade.
Vote that in all likelihood the Serbian leader secures a second term already in the first round. And even his Serbian Progressive Party (SNS, conservative) should have no difficulty winning parliamentary and administrative elections by a large margin. Meanwhile, today’s consultations were marked by a strong rebound in turnout, which should be around 60%, nearly ten points higher than the last legislative consultations in June 2020.
‘Hello. stability. Vucic: This was the slogan of the outgoing president’s election campaign, which took place in the shadow of the war in Ukraine and with the vicissitudes of the weak but not yet eradicated epidemic. The campaign initially had dominant themes of fighting corruption and crime, promoting democratic rights and defending the environment, topics that remained on the sidelines, overshadowed by the looming war and Serbia’s position on the armed conflict in Ukraine not too far off.
The new tensions that emerged with Russia’s military intervention, along with fears that instability and threats could also spread to the Balkans, gave more impetus to Vucic’s campaign which, in addition to affecting significant economic and modernization outcomes, gave more impetus to Vucic’s campaign. The state that has been obtained from its administration for the past ten years, it has positioned itself as the only real political leader capable of keeping the bar straight and ensuring peace and stability not only for Serbia but for the whole region.
However, the war has put Serbia, and initially Vucic, in an awkward position vis-à-vis the European Union, with which accession negotiations are taking place. While Belgrade condemns the violation of Ukraine’s territorial integrity, Belgrade refuses to abide by international sanctions against Moscow, citing Serbia’s national interests, primarily energy supplies at discounted prices and support for the thorny issue of Kosovo. “For the future, the most important thing is to maintain peace and stability and to ensure continued economic progress,” Vucic told the polling station, whose resolute and muscular policy has taken on increasingly national popular tones. The opposition forces that had boycotted the last legislative elections in June 2020 participated in the general elections that took place today.
Their arrival on the square appears to have helped mobilize voters with turnout that has grown significantly since the last election. In any case, the new parliament will not be essentially one-colored like the one that emerged two years ago with more than 60% and 188 of the 250 seats won by Vucic SNS.
To vote, Kosovo Serbs had to reach four locations in southern Serbia today, after the categorical refusal of the Pristina authorities, despite pressure from the European Union and the international community, to organize elections for a ‘foreign country’ on the territory of Kosovo. . This position is considered unacceptable by Belgrade, which does not recognize the independence of Kosovo, which is still considered an integral part of Serbia. Today’s vote was monitored by observer groups from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the Council of Europe and the European Parliament. Irregularities and incidents of various kinds, although not of great importance, were reported at some polling stations across the country.

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