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Ukrainian-Russian War, Zelensky: “Genocide is underway in Mariupol”

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Ukraine and Russia war Genocide taking place in Mariupol. This was stated by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, in a new video, after the bombing of a children’s hospital in the besieged city for days. “It is a war crime,” he added, adding that Europe and the United States cannot now say “they” did not see what was happening to the Ukrainians, and therefore, They should put a lot of pressure on Russia to sit with us and talk and end this war“.” We will never and will never do anything like this to any of the cities of the world because we are human. And you? ”, Zelensky announced his address to the Russians.

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“Which country does the Russian Federation bomb children’s hospitals? Are you afraid of it? Are pregnant women shooting at Rostov? Do they persecute young Russian-speaking children? What is this attack?” De-Nazification of the hospital? Today is the day when everything is decided, you have to decide which side you are in. He stressed that the Russian bombing hit a maternity ward and a children’s hospital.

“At the moment there are 17 injured because people managed to hide in time,” Zelensky said, denouncing that “this is not the first time that Russia bombed civilian infrastructure.”

What the occupiers are doing in Mariupol now outweighs all kinds of atrocities. Europeans! Ukrainians! Residents of Mariupol! Today we must unite in condemning Russia’s war crime, which reflects all the evils that the occupiers have brought to our land.”

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