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“Insina? Going to Canada is the last act of affection for the fans! Napoli-Fiorentina? I will not let Primavera play in the Italian Cup” [ESCLUSIVA]

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Sky, Bucciandini: “Insina? Going to Canada is the last love affair of the fans! On Napoli-Fiorentina …”

Marco Fusiandini spoke on Radio Martay during the broadcast of “The Network swells” by journalist Raffaele Auriemma.

Sky, Pusiantini: “Insina? Going to Canada is the last affection of the fans! Napoli-Fiorentina? I will not let Primavera play in the Italy Cup ” [ESCLUSIVA]

“Fiorentina? Torera, Castroville and Bonaventura can not play together. A team like Toro Fiorentina, but they missed the game. There was another reaction to the grenades. Now a defender has developed. Drove Osimhan crazy.

Napoli-Fiorentina? Hard game, Fiorentina usually does not miss 2 in a row. A direct removal is a baptism. The status of Primavera players should be considered. However, this time around, it’s especially hard to get everyone flowing together. Then the game is dead. Obviously this may be the smallest target, but I would not call them that if the Primavera players had value. The youth of Primavera should be approached in a different way. I do not want the Italian Cup to become more important than the Champions League, but they are less games and I do not underestimate them.

A particular way of attacking is a very quiet way of defending. Without Osimhen, Napoli would have to do more things on the pitch, and press harder and shoot less. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. The pass, often sent over to Ozimhen, provided an opportunity for an open field goal. The absence of Ozimhen reduced the clarity of the scoring opportunity, but further depressed you. The defeat against Inter gave the real message: he was injured, and that was the main message. If nothing else, Napoli did not compromise, leaving the poison points against Emboli and Specia. The return of Osimhen will be the other news of the championship.

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சின்னதா? Difficult affair. I may have discussed a career choice, which is a choice of career and money: I may be disappointed that I did not see it in that football. There is no one near Insigne in that championship. If it had been a professional suspension I would have been very disappointed and criticized. Insigne evaluated many things, especially that it was hard to go with Napoli. This is not a negotiation with open arms. There may be a kind of respect for going to Canada than going to another big club. Last affection for these people “.

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