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Aliens, Signs in the Study of Nature signed by a Chinese scientist – Corriere.it

Aliens, Signs in the Study of Nature signed by a Chinese scientist – Corriere.it

A study of anomalous radio waves captured by the most powerful radio telescope ever has been published in the journal Nature. Professor Zhang Tongjie: “Aliens? We have to investigate, it will take some time, but we may need them one day.”

Probably Aliens Send us a message and we may need their help in the future.

It’s not another Hollywood script, but A respected scholar’s view from Beijing.

“We found out” Possible technological implications of an alien civilization in a radio signal from space“.

Thus the Chinese astronomers working with A fast radio telescope, the largest, most powerful and most sensitive ever built on Earthdescribed their discovery of a series of pulsations from a distant galaxy.

Speed ​​is an acronym for “five hundred meters high aperture spherical telescope”, and it has a single plate with a diameter of 500 meters, an area that can comfortably accommodate about forty football fields. This eye on the universe (the scientific community called it the Sky Eye) in GuizhouKan, Southwest China Province, Kan brown flat mountain.

Among the tasks assigned to the technicians of the large radio telescope Seti, an acronym for “Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence”. The search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

Fast has been running since 2016 and in 2020 it started working Two series of “rapid radio bursts”, “Fast and frequent radio bursts believed to come from a source about three billion light-years from Earth” (said Xinhua News Agency). Earlier this year, a “new repeating signal from a fixed radio source,” consisting of “narrow-band electromagnetic pulses”, was captured by observing and listening to exoplanets (celestial bodies orbiting a star in systems similar to the solar system).

“It comes from a metal-poor nanogalactic,” they wrote in their galaxy. A study just published by Chinese scientists in the journal Nature.

Alien tracks? Or simple wireless interference?

Professor Zhang Tongjie, who leads Project Fast and directs the extraterrestrial research team at the Department of Astronomy at Beijing Normal, said we have to do more investigations and it will take a long time. Zhang wanted to add a touch of drama to the scientific research: He mentioned it The great Stephen Hawking advised humans to take reckless initiatives in the search for contacts with virtual extraterrestrialsin order not to risk (a sci-fi nightmare) unleashing global struggles for control of resources essential to (human and alien) survival: “The Indians who welcomed Columbus did not end well,” Hawking cautions.

But the Chinese astronomer claims that The universe is vast enough for everyoneand humans and aliens, and he appears to have also the soul of a romantic poet who observes him: “Imagine sailing in a stormy and dark sea and seeing a faint light in the distance, perhaps from another ship lost in the waves. Are you going to shoot her or try to contact her to join forces and help each other? ».

Conclusion to Professor Chang: «Here is my theory about the dark and deep sea, about our search for other alien civilizations. Perhaps one day we will no longer be able to survive on Earth… We may need extraterrestrials“.

Before you imagine it Xi Jinping Make a fraternity conference call with aliens, you need to know the source of the radio pulses from another galaxy three billion light-years away.

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