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Cloud Buster’s sword becomes a digital clock –

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Someone found the idea of ​​converting Sword Buster From the cloud, version Final Fantasy 7 Remakeat digital clock. If you are looking for a similar item and by the way you are also a fan of Square Enix then this is what you are missing to improve your life significantly and lighten your bank account.

The sword model used for the watch is inspired by the model shown on the game’s main menu screen, including tilt. The watch face With the time it is placed on the blade, the two material slots light up when needed.

The watch comes with seven different ringtones, all of which are official game tracks:

  • Main subject of (FFVII) – Sector 7 under the city
  • Let the battles begin! – At Mers’ work
  • Airbus
  • Erith Theme – Home Again
  • Uni-winged Angel – Rebirth

Square Enix has also released a file video Dedicated to a lot of wonders, which you can see below:

Unfortunately, beauty has a cost and the cost of this watch is quite high, since we are talking about $199.99. Moreover, some basic functions are also missing, such as the snooze button, which is quite annoying.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Watch will be available from January 2023. Le Reservations are already open.

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