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Swamp around football fields: Louisiana protest – photo 1 of 3

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Bandino – The quagmire around the Via Bovis football fields provokes management anger Calcium Louisiana, which has its operational base for youth activities directly in the stadiums adjacent to the municipal gymnasium. The recent rains and subsequent snowfall from the Immaculate Conception aggravated an already critical situation. From the company comes the request to the municipality to intervene, at least with a temporary solution: “You need gravel, with this drainage material you can at least partially fix the soil around the main playground, especially the area in front of the changing rooms and the area where the parents settle – The directors of the youth sector of the Nirwazora club explained: We feel really uncomfortable receiving guest teams with parents who may have traveled tens if not hundreds of kilometers and then find themselves having to follow the children’s game in the mud.”

mud lane. The special shape of the football field where the matches are held allows the public to watch it only on the north side, which faces the canal and the Blu Pandino swimming center. It is clear that concrete interference must be excluded, both for costs and for the time of completion of the work, as well as for the effect on the green area. To reach this space, Spectators walk through a specially created path between the stadium fence and the changing room area. So this kind of The open path is impassable due to mud. In addition, there is a similar problem in the entire area in front of the changing rooms. Not a nice business card for visiting team guests, but it’s not a good case for a Pandino general either.

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Sand and gravel intervention can be organized to ensure that the pedestrian crossing is used during the Christmas period. In fact, youth activity will come to a halt in about ten days for the winter break in the tournament. The teams will continue training anyway, but the tournament will be off for about a month. So there will be plenty of time to fix the situation to put an end to the problem.

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