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“I don’t dye my hair anymore”

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Case –

Who approved Lisa’s decision to let her hair go gray?

? “. It was


than the newly appointed


of news,

Michael Melling

, he had done in the meeting on entering the service. According to reports from the Canadian press, his

The question was asked by all the employees present during the news recording

. And, again, a new complaint would come a few weeks later: under live studio lights, Lisa’s gray hair “,” Melling pointed out.

Unpleasant violet hue


Controversy –

Meanwhile, in Canada, the “LaFlamme Question” is being debated by many.

Everyone wonders if stopping dyeing their hair is a valid reason to end a journalism contract, and two years before the deadline. Some, even in America, call it a “sex” choice. “I am

Shocked and upset

– said Lisa who recently won Best News Anchor at the Canadian Screen Awards –

At 58, I thought I would have plenty of time to tell stories that affect our daily lives


Lisa’s Wish –

The decision to let the hair grow out during the lockdown period due to the spread of the pandemic has been praised by the public. Lisa also explained her reasons during the year-end broadcast: “At the end I said:

Why worry about age?

I’m turning gray. Honestly, if I had known it would be so liberating, I would have done it sooner.

Voices –

However, many witnesses say.

There was a strained relationship between the professional and the new news director

. And gray hair may have been an “excuse”.

Company’s reaction –

There is

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Director Melling argued

The breakup with LaFlamme was due to “business decisions.”

and “to the changing habits of viewers”, and are willing to offer other forms of cooperation to the former host. Meanwhile, CTv’s parent company, Bell Media, has announced it will launch an independent investigation into allegations of discrimination.

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