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SBE presents The End of the World by Paolo Barbieri – Le Spazio Bianco

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In the wake of success Dante’s Inferno, Myths of the Gods And immortal tales, Paolo Barbieri He returns to astound readers with the illustrations that enrich the pages of his new volume Publisher Sergio Bonelli It has been available in comic book stores and bookstores ever since July 14, 2023this time dedicated to the fictional universe ofresurrection.

The shocking visions of the Apostle John, told in the most symbolic of biblical books, emerge from the realm of fantasy and reach the realm of paper, in Barbieri’s drawings, which endow death knights with body and breath, monstrous dragons and hell. Abominations, degrees of fire, unspeakable pests, otherworldly spirits and unclean creatures that raged in the last days of angry mankind.

The volume presents an introduction by Luca Crovi It will also be available in a variant with the Red Knight, the latter being distributed exclusively in stores Games Academyto Bonelli Store and on SBE online store.

APOCALYPSE Photographed by Paolo Barbieri
Paolo Barbieri
Publisher Sergio Bonelli, 2023
128 pages, hardcover, colors – € 26.00
ISBN: 9788869618109/9788869618437 (variants)

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