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There is a hidden virus running

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A new alarm has been raised about a hidden virus spreading to computers. You have to be very careful, it can affect your life too if you don’t take the right precautions

at the level of cyber securityWe are going through one of the most sensitive times ever. There are new alerts every day regarding malware attacks, phishing attempts, targeted actions by hackers, etc. All threats that force users to take precautions, So as not to fall into dire consequences.

Watch out for the latest hidden viruses circulating around your Windows PC. It’s a good idea to stand up for yourself to avoid serious consequences (Adobe Stock)

The latter is explained in detail by Symantec researchers. They have detected a dangerous virus that appears to be hidden and may also be present on your computer. It works in complete anonymity and can lead to very serious consequences. We must defend ourselves, in a very specific way.

Virus hidden in computers, here’s what you need to know

according to what was said Symantec researchers, Called a hacking spy group ychetti It would have hidden a very dangerous malware inside the classic program Windows logo.

Windows 01102022
To defend yourself, it’s a good idea to update your operating system and get a good antivirus (Adobe Stock)

To do this, shorthand was used, which is a technique to hide the transmission of malicious code. Which in this case looks like a back door. It looks like Witchetty actually has some ties to a Chinese hacker group Support the Xi Jinping Administration.

Everything was already going to take root last february, Damage to two Middle Eastern governments and the stock market of an unspecified African country. “Disguising the payload allowed hackers to host it on a free and reliable service. Downloads from trusted hosts like GitHub are less likely to grab users’ attentionSymantec explained in his report. However, it must be said that malware is lurking in an old Windows logo, even we are talking about Windows 7. However, it is a good idea to stand up for yourself as much as possible to avoid falling into disastrous consequences. Helpful update to the latest OS versions, with improved and impassable defenses. Another indispensable advice use antivirus, which they have always been able to identify any anomalies within the machines they are working on. Even in cases like the following, where malware is hidden.

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