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Jogger Hybrid 140, Dacia launches its first hybrid drive for the home

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After the great success of the Jogger, the model that conquered everyone on the market with more than 83,000 orders and 51,000 registrations since its launch in March 2022, Dacia caught the wave of customer enthusiasm and approval by launching a new mold update. In March 2023, the Romanian company will make the new brand available on the European market Hybrid 140 ranthe agreement that will demonstrate for the first time the Miovini hybrid engine.

Jogger Hybrid 140, power and sustainability

the The success of the Eco-G 100 version of the model launched in March 2022 He led the Romanian car brand to focus heavily on technology that would help electrify the home range. Made in Miofini FactorySo the Jogger Hybrid 140 was born, iThe first hybrid model which will be on the roads from March and available to order from January 2023.

Available from 24,600 euros As for the Expression version (5 seats), the Jogger is the most affordable hybrid family car on the market. Offered in a double configuration with five or seven seats, this model is aimed at all customers who need a spacious and multi-purpose vehicle suitable for both city life and trips outside the city. Quiet and a smooth, vibration-free ride, the model features all-electric starting and instant torque for powerful acceleration.

The Jogger is sturdy and holds the road well Excellent comfort for all passengers, even for adults in the third row of the seven-seat model. It also marks the arrival of hybrid powertrains at Dacia and presents an engine The combined output is 140 hpas well as best-in-class fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of 108g/km.

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Proven and effective technology

Thanks to its hybrid drive, with a 1.6-liter four-cylinder petrol engine Delivers 90 HPtwo electric (one of 50 hp high voltage starter alternator) and automatic electric motor, the new Jogger is comfortable and easy to drive. Regenerative braking, combined with the high levels of energy recovery of the 1.2 kWh (230 V) battery and the efficiency of the automatic gearbox, allows you to get 80% electric drive in the city Based on Save up to 40% of fuel Compared to an internal combustion engine in the urban cycle that drives the same way.

A fully electric motor at the start and an automatic gearbox make the car pleasant and light. The battery is then recharged when the driver brakes or slows down, creating a truly limitless hybrid experience. As for autonomy, the Jogger Hybrid 140 boasts even more 900 km on the WLTP combined cyclewith a guaranteed battery for the first eight years or 160,000 km, whichever comes first (Here we explain to you how cold has a powerful effect on the electric vehicle range).

Lionel GilletteDacia’s vice president said he’s excited about the product, which will arrive in the first quarter of the new year: “It’s a clutchless hybrid, offering all-electric start and lower fuel consumption. The Jogger perfectly represents Dacia’s position: it’s the most affordable hybrid family car on the market and always offers interior space.” Spacious plus all the basic features.

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