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Warner Bros. will research. How to delete scenes using Amber Heard –

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Warner Bros. Looking for a way to delete Amber Heard from the movie Aquaman 2. The reason for this stern decision is easy enough to guess: her blatant defamation in the defamation trial brought against her by her ex-husband Johnny Depp, which became a global media issue.

I heard Amber in the role of Mira

This rumor comes from insider KC Walsh, who is highly regarded in the movie world. Walsh posted a photo on Twitter showing part of a conversation between him and a “trusted friend”, discussing the same topic.

The friend briefly told him about a meeting in which it was decided to cancel all scenes with Heard in Aquaman 2. It is not clear at this point if the role was Mira She will be played by another actress, thus, if all the scenes are flipped, or if the goal is to get the cut-out movie directed, perhaps by editing the edit.

Of course this is an unconfirmed rumor and should be taken as such. Of course, we think that having Heard now in a movie isn’t the best to market, given the hate that attracted in the process.

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