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Massimo Ginni, that experience affected him indelibly

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Even today, many decades later, Ghini defines that experience as “great pain.” This is what happened to him

Massimo Ginni, now 67, is one of the most famous actors on the Italian cinema scene. He is credited with numerous films, with interpretations in both classic Italian dramas and comedies.

Massimo Ginni (web source)

So we are talking about a complete actor that is able to range between different genres. In a recent interview, the Romanian actor told details from his past life that had a huge impact, including his career.. That’s what it is.

A very long career, Massimo Gini’s career, which started in 1980. She made her debut in “Speed ​​Cross” by Stelvio Massi. From that moment on, a long journey consisting of more committed comedy and films. The first really important role is in “Compagni di scuola” by Carlo Verdoni: We are in 1988. But in the same period we also remember him in “La riffa” and “Zitti e muti”.

As mentioned, his career also unfolds with very serious and busy movies: Among these we mention, “A Simple Story” and “Tea with Mussolini”, in this case directed by the great Franco Zeffirelli. In recent years he has devoted a lot to Sinipanettone, almost all of which are directed by Neri Parenti. But he showed his great acting qualities again in the second season of Paolo Sorrentino’s series, “The New Pope”, where he stars alongside Jude Law.

Love life is also very intense. in 1986 In a relationship with actress Sabrina Ferrelli, Which expires after only one year, when Marries actress Nancy Brilly, met in 1987 on the set of the television series directed by Alberto Latwada “Two Brothers”: the marriage lasts three years. The twins Camila and Lorenzo were born in 1994 from a very short relationship with Federica Luray. Since 2002 he is married to Paola Romano, With whom he had children, Leonardo (1996) and Margherita (1999).

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youth experience

But it was not only romantic relationships, often unsuccessful, that marked Massimo Ginni’s life. In his experience, in fact There is something that has its roots from a long time ago. In the adolescence of a popular actor. But some events are unforgettable, even if a very long time has passed.

Massimo Ginni (web source) 11.05.2022 (1) (1) (1)
Massimo Ginni (web source)

A fact that may seem almost irrelevant today, but it was scandalous in those times. In fact, Massimo Ginni’s parents divorced when the actor was very young. Specifically in the interview, Guenny said that he suffered greatly from this fact, which was unusual for those times: “At that time, we were very few children of separated families” He said.

It’s no wonder, however, given that even today, as separation is being staved off, children are often the first to suffer. And in fact, in the story, Ghini defines those memories “great pain”despite the passage of several decades.

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