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Serie A Inline Hockey, the scored difference, between surprises and confirmations

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Serie A Inline Hockey, the scored difference, between surprises and confirmations







There will be a tournament start before the World Cup stops in Argentina, for inline hockey. Almost everything is ready. While we have to wait a little longer, in fact, for the official confirmation of the other series (extensions B . series until the August 26And the C series. until the September 9 And the feminine until the September 9), games are made for league. Surprisingly (unfortunately) first of all: no registration Ghosts of Padua, who performed well last season and earned access to the semi-finals. In their place, to complete the scoreboard, moved up from the second division Old Style Tory Bellis, his first experience in the first class. All the other “Great Greats” have been confirmed, and here are the teams recorded:

1 – Citadel Hockey

2 – CUS Verona

3 – Asiago Fibers

4 – Vicenza Devils HC

5 – HC Milan Quanta

6 – Ivy Triest

7 – Monleale SportLeale

8 – ASD Tergeste

9- Ferrara hockey

10 – Old Fashioned Tori Bellis

Here you will find all the official press releases

It starts, then on September 10 at 18.00 with challenges between Vicenza Devils and Asiago Snakes And the Milan Quanta and the Corallimpianti Tigers (Tragedy). At 18.30 they will face each other Monleale Sportleale – CUS VeronaIt’s 19:30, it’s going to be a turn Ivy Triest – Citadel HPto end at 20.00 with Old Fashioned Tori Bellis – Ferrara Warriors.

Find the full calendar at this link.

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