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Sicily, and soon became the women’s national football team

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Foundational path for Sicilian women’s soccer team. The announcement came out yesterday Memphis (Agrigento), during the event he organizedAssociation “New September 15” In the historic Palazzo Planeta, headquarters Sicilian skillwho was considered the coach of the Venezuelan women’s national football team as the protagonist of the novel Pamela Contia champion from Palermo who has been selector of the “vinotinto” team since 2019.

over there Sicilian Football Association Represented, by the way, by the Secretary General Fabio Petrucciby the Technical Area Manager Jerome DiGiovanni And a member of the Women’s Choice Promotion Committee Rose Libertinean athlete from Castelvetrano – expressed her intention to speed up the process of forming the women’s team, for which a special working group will be created starting from the beginning of 2023.

The ceremony was also attended by a delegation of players who were summoned to attend a party Antodu Cupthe first major national award, or Francesco CorsoAnd the Valerio GenesioAnd the Rosary Licata And the Alessio Maniscalcostruggling in the distinction formations of Mazarese and Sciacca.

Among the topics of discussion, he moderated it Dario Vetranothemes of integration, identity and emancipation, discussed by Pamela Conte and the directors of the Sicilian Football Association, with speeches also by representatives of the Italo-Venezuelan community in Menfi, local football heroes and representatives of the institutions.

With regard to female selection, the Sicilian Confederation stresses the symbolic importance of the declaration. “It is significant that this happened on this occasion – he points out Rose Libertine – Because it is an honor to compete with Pamela Conte, who is the living show of how high-level talents are born in Sicily, even in women’s football. Pamela is a privilege and an example for Sicilian women and she will also be our feminine choice.

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Technical area manager Jerome DiGiovanni “The foundation of the women’s team will be able to foster a virtuous path capable of further involving women in the world of Sicilian football, contributing significantly to the growth of women’s football on our island.”

“The Sicilian federation has already made its debut with the main selection and with the futsal selection,” – recalls the general secretary Fabio Petrucciwho added: “We hope you will soon be able to do it with women as well, because football can be a phenomenon closely linked to integration, social commitment and breaking stereotypes. It was the basis of the Sicilian national team and continues to be a challenge to stereotypes about Sicily.”

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