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Here she is in her first movie, and today she’s one of the most beloved presenters: Do you know her?

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Here she is in her first movie, and today she’s a staple of the Italian show: Do you recognize her? This shot has impressed many fans.

The world of entertainment Italian has many heroes. Some provided evidence of their traits in various factors. Just like the protagonist of our article. She posted a snapshot of where she was in her first movie. Nevertheless, today she is one of the most beloved and respected conductors of the orchestras in the entire national panorama. Did you know him?


When a character is liked a lot, it means that they have been able to build a lot. Not only through work and professional But also by their character and personality. Day in and day out, in fact, our protagonist manages to get to Olympus Legends of the Italian show. Today’s results are the clearest proof of that.

Already a few days ago one The famous actress and presenter wanted to show herself as a child. This time, however, the protagonist wanted to share a historical snapshot. Here, she was during her first movie. A unique passion that allowed her to reach extraordinary goals. Let’s find out who he is.

Mara Vinier, Anniversary of her first movie: An Italian Pillar

Mara Venere Live a career 360 degrees. Presenter Sunday In managed to show all her talents both on television and in the cinema. That was why he wanted to remember a certain memory, how sweet it was. In the picture, in fact, he was in his first movie called “”Italian DiaryThe year was 1971 and the protagonist was with her Donatello.

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The same Veneer She admits that she never expected her career to take certain paths. A life whose presenter identifies with many joys but also many pains. On this last aspect, Mara Vinier said over and over again when she saw the point of no return In a very lovable person. A moment he will never forget.

But profession and history Veneer It also consists of extraordinary successes. As mentioned, she has always shown in film and television alike what she is made of. Today, as we all know, she is the queen of Italian Sundays. His film Domenica In became, within a few years, the reference program for a large part of the Italian audience. Success is a huge part of Venier and her way of managing.

In short, Venier wanted to give a small memory of her past as a gift. In the post, to describe his life, he quickly borrowed a quote from Alda Merini. The presenter wrote:My life was beautiful because I paid dearly for itClosing perfectly illustrates what Mara Vinier experienced.

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