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Both Bolzano and Val Pusteria hit the mark! – OA Sport

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The Friday evening of the ICE League 2021-2022 ice hockey tournament is very satisfied with the Italian colors. In fact, both Bolzano and Val Pusteria were able to establish themselves on December 10th. Let’s go and see how it goes.

Bolzanini al Palaonda ruled the Vienna Capitals 7-4, bringing their third win in a row. Confirmation came thanks to the second master’s period, 1-1 after the first “rebound”, on the axis of Mike Halmo-Armin Preiser. The score in order: Dustin Gazzle, Danielle Ciampini, Alex Trivelato and Luca Frigo, punctuated only for a moment by 4-2 provisional Charles Dedeiro.

A 5-2 that addressed the dispute, aEven if the Austrians with Mathieu Bravavesis and Matthew Neil managed to return with a score of 5-4, before passing in the last minute – with an empty net – for two goals again from Frigo and again from Halmo for the final 7-4.

On the other hand, Val Pusteria’s confirmation was different, and he was very skilled in winning 0-4 at the Dornbirn Bulldogs’ den. There is no competition in Austria: the guests rule from the first to the last minute. In the match report they ended up there twice Gerlach, Deluca and Stukel, but it is the evidence that the whole team gave to the impressive new Finnish coach Raimo Helmenen. Could this be the beginning of the ascent?

Word to the field, also because we’re back on the ice already on Sunday December 12: Bolzano vs EC Red Bull Salzburg, Val Pusteria vs EC-KAC.

Photo: Carola Cimino

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