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Radical Dreamer Edition was born out of the fear of losing the original –

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Self Chrono Cross: Radical Dreamer Edition It became a reality, and we owe it to the fact that the Square Enix developers were afraid of that An original copy From the game it became unplayable, ie Lost. This was revealed by the development team itself in an interview with Gamesradar+.

Initially, the project was planned for 2019, the game’s 20th anniversary, but was pushed back to 2022, the year it actually came out.

Koichiro Sakamoto, producer of the remastered version, explained that “when the project was decided upon, Chrono Cross was in danger of becoming unplayable. On the PS3, there was a game archiving service, which allowed you to play PS1 titles, but the PlayStation 4 was already on the market.” “At the time, we didn’t know if the PS4 would have a game archive service. We were afraid that Chrono Cross would become unplayable. So a remake project was decided on. That’s the story.”

Outside of Japan, the Game Archive service is known as the PSone Classics Collection. It is basically a selection of games released for the first PlayStation, playable on PS3, PSP and PS Vita. Many of them are still available for older devices, but they are hard to find.

Chrono Cross: Dreamer’s Radical Edition had a mixed reception, due to performance issues, but these were resolved in later patches.

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