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In Canada, the struggle of truck drivers makes it a normal country. Is this Italy?

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The Canada Today it is still a normal country. In fact, living in Canada for a few days seems like living in other parts of the world. Countries where there should be people who think in one way and people who think in another way. But Canada’s innovation is certainly not of any kind of diversity. The novelty is that these days the diversity of thought is expressed freely and intensely (above all) on the street. I mention the latest The struggle of truck drivers Protesters (and others included) against some anti-Govt policies of the Canadian government.

You may ask yourself: What is the exception to all of this? There are a lot of exceptions. In a country There is no single culture (Or the way of being, or the way of being, call it what you want it to be) Compromise Respect others and live in peace. This compromising attitude certainly helps everyone to live in fashion, however, reduces the (most natural) anti-instinct that each of us has. For example, if you live in Canada, you often decide not to express your views out loud immediately Probably not to hurt the sensitivity Someone who listens to you.

It is even rarer (emotionally speaking) to express different thinking with emotional engagement because you run the risk of passing for irrational people, so people Those who do not know how to elaborate and mediate, So that even those who cannot be held responsible for anything or insane will be sidelined. In short, in a Canadian-like society living with different cultures, raising a voice to express conflicting opinions is not really an everyday thing. Is this a problem? Not really, but it’s definitely a danger to a country’s democracy, it needs to listen to and respect everyone’s views. So, in this context, opposition is welcome, which helps to create a non-violent (obvious) normal country.

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But how to be a normal country? After properly listening to the opposition of some, it will remain a normal country. Is absorbed Rather somehow in the thinking of many who think differently. If you notice you have the survival instinct to stop the struggle you will be a normal country Nine out of ten people look different To me.

It would be a normal country if televisions, radios and newspapers, at some point, stopped giving so much (I insist a lot) voice to a few and abandoned and ignored the thinking of many. It would be a normal country if companies listened carefully to the voice of protest And decide what to do with it. We will be a normal country if we (finally) accept that (fortunately) there is no single mindset and way of life that represents all equally; It is not in nature and cannot be expected to exist in the community to which we belong.

Canada has a good chance of being a normal country. Is this Italy?

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