December 11, 2023

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An Exciting Sunday Hockey Day Sarzana Gamma Innovation – Chronicle

Rossoneri of Sarzana

Sarzana (La Spezia) January 15, 2022 – deserved victory in the Italian Cup final of Serie A2. Important Sunday for the Hockey Sarzana Gamma Innovation team on the rink in Vecchio Mercato against Cgc Viareggio. If the Sarzanese team coached by Giovanni Beretta succeeds, they will win the A2 Serie A Cup final. On the other hand, if the Rossoneri do not win, they will have to wait for the two matches that Castiglione still has to play because in the event of a double win for Marymma and the failed Ligure, the final will be for Tuscany. New signings Andrea Peroni and Michele Bisavento will not yet be available to the Rossoneri. Thomas Micheni, Gabriel Dall Torreone, Jacopo Balducci, Nicolas Pezzini, Matteo Pistelli, Ernest Cincini, Mirco Bertolucci, Matteo Cardella, Francesco Carrieri and Matteo Marchetti have been called up. It is played in the old market building in Piazza Terzi at 6 pm Referee Fabio Velotti of Modena.

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