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Serie C – Calcio – Bocalon: “Mantova, with Triestina it will be a play-off”

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Mantua Five goals in 8 games is a good average, making Ricardo Bocalon one of the most successful signings in the January transfer market. But these five goals were not enough to keep Mantova out of the playing area. The paradox for the stalwart gun striker is that it is his former team, Trento, who have won the most points in 2023.
Tell us the truth, Ricciardo: Did you expect that?
“Yes. Trento has reinforced well and Coach Tedino is doing an excellent job.”
Instead, you find yourself in Mantua fighting for salvation…
“I do not regret anything. I knew I would come to a team with this goal and I am happy with the choice.”
Already 5 goals for you: Is it some kind of revenge?
“Actually I was hoping that these goals would bring a few more points. In any case, there is still a long way to go and we have to overcome salvation.”
What weight would you give Crema’s 0-0?
“It is a point that we cling to, and that we conquer after the competition of suffering. We created fewer chances than usual, even if it was with more precision to take the lead.”
Has a little fear?
“There is no escaping this. But the important thing is to manage it, stay on track and not lose sight of the details. With Vicenza, we conceded 6 goals, without Pergoletes. So I would say there is some improvement ».
How did Mr. Mandorlini cope?
“I saw it loaded from day one. After all, when a coach of his caliber agrees to lead a team that needs to save himself, it means that he has great motivators. We must stick to him. At the same time we must not burden him with too many responsibilities ».
How has your approach to playing the Mandorlini changed?
“The situation on the field has changed slightly, but only a few meters apart. it’s normal. Each coach has his own vision of the game and we, the players, must, if necessary, be ready to distort our characteristics ».
Recently I received some balls in the penalty area…
“I would like to broaden the discussion. I believe that every person, myself first and foremost, has limits and we must try to limit them in order to better express our potential. It’s a team issue.”
How far will Mantova play in the next two matches with Triestina and Piacenza?
“We have to think about one game at a time, and therefore Triestina. It’s like a playoff. But I will say the same thing even if we play against Pordenone.”
How is the relationship with the masses?
“We need them, but the support has always been there. However, it is up to us to light the fuse.”
What does the air in the locker room look like?
“We know that we have dropped a lot of points and that we will be able to save ourselves on the last day. The locker room is made up of many leaders and many talented youngsters.”
Do you feel like a leader?
“I feel like a fighter. When my teammates turn to me, they will always find someone who is doing their best.”

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