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TIMVISION Calcio e Sport: from March 7, 2023 DAZN Plus option available from 5 € per month – MondoMobileWeb.it | News | telephony

TIMVISION Calcio e Sport: from March 7, 2023 DAZN Plus option available from 5 € per month – MondoMobileWeb.it |  News |  telephony

beginning Starting tomorrow, March 7, 2023Subject to change for new and existing customers TIMVISION Football and Sports And TIMVISION gold will be available New lower price for the DAZN Plus optionwhere multiple devices can be used simultaneously even when connected to two different internet networks.

With TIMVISION’s offerings for the Soccer and Sport collection, the profile is currently included in the price DAZN standardAt a value of 39.99 euros per month.

As of January 2, 2023, this profile allows you Register up to 6 devices in time with View content simultaneously on two devices, but only if both are connected to the same home internet network. Instead, the single device can be used anywhere.

Alternatively, TIMVISION Calcio e Sport customers who wish to use DAZN Multiple devices at the same time even when connected to two different internet networksthey can activate DAZN Plus optionand get the symmetrical profile at €54.99 per month.

because of New prices introduced by DAZN on its plans as of January 2, 2023by which the difference between the monthly cost of DAZN Standard and the cost of DAZN Plus has, in fact, increased from the previous 10 € to the current 15 € per month (both in the unrestricted version and in the 12-month restriction version), On February 10, 2023, the cost of the DAZN Plus option for TIMVISION customers increased to €15 per month.

beginning Starting tomorrow, March 7, 2023For a limited time, the option will instead be offered to TIMVISION customers at a discounted price of $ 5 euros per monthrighteous for 5 monthsafter which it will return, subject to changes, to 15 euros per month.

Football and sports packages and details of the new offer

With this new promotion for the DAZN Plus option, it is aimed specifically at the operator For existing TIMVISION customers with any of the Calcio e Sport offers (without DAZN Plus), as well as for new customers who activate TIMVISION Calcio e Sport or TIMVISION Gold packages.

As MondoMobileWeb told new customers TIMVISION’s current offers for the Soccer and Sport group are as follows, which can still be activated until March 25, 2023subject to changes:

  • TIMVISION Football and Sports (DAZN Standard and Infinity+) discounted at cost €24.99 per month until September 23, 2023then to 29.99 euros per month for an indefinite period;
  • TIMVISION gold (DAZN Standard, Infinity +, Netflix and Disney +) which can be activated at a discount 40.99 € per month until September 23, 2023then to 45.99 euros per month for an indefinite period.

We also remind you that as of December 18, 2022 To all existing TIM customers with paid TIMVISION offersespecially from Just entertainmentThe offer is available TIMVISION Gold CVM to price More discount than before €29.99 per month until September 23, 2023then always to 45.99 euros per month for an indefinite period.

In general, customers will have time to activate the DAZN Plus option at the new reduced price March 7 to 25, 2023so for the duration of the current promotions, subject to changes.

From January 2, 2023, in detail, through the DAZN Plus profile, it can be used Up to 4 devices on 2 different internet networks (maximum 2 devices per internet), with the ability to register up to 7 devices at a time.

The cost of the DAZN Plus option is always in addition to the monthly fee for the TIMVISION Calcio e Sport or Gold offer. If the customer deactivates the broadcast package, the DAZN Plus option will also be automatically deactivated.

TIMVISION DAZN Football and TIM Gold Sports


In general, with both DAZN Standard and DAZN Plus it is possible to see the entire platform catalog, ie All Italian League and the BKT seriesOne A selection of Italian football league matches Male broadcasting live from Eleven Italia, and European League And Best matches UEFA Conference LeagueAnd the FA Cup and the Carabao Cup, in addition to some women’s football tournaments such as the UEFA Women’s Champions League, the contents of Inter TV, Milan TV, Juventus and Red Bull TV.

Thanks for agreeing with Eleven sportsare also included basketball with the best matches Euroleague, European Cup and UnipolSai First Divisionthe The best of European women’s footballthe Football with the Peroni Top 10 And also Other sports coming in the coming months.

Additionally, combat sports with boxing, UFC, NFL American Football, and darts can also be watched with DAZN, in addition to the channel’s content. Eurosport 1HD And Eurosport 2 HD With tennis, basketball, cycling, winter sports and more.

In addition to DAZN, subscription to TIMVISION Calcio e Sport and TIMVISION Gold is also included Infinity +through which you can watch all matches Champions League.

For the TIMVISION platform itself, in addition to TV series, movies, animations, original productions, and Mediaset programs broadcast in the past seven days, the player also includes all the entertainment Discover +. In addition, the service is also provided Discovery + Sport free for 6 monthsand at the end it is deactivated automatically with the possibility of reactivating it at a discount of 3 € per month (instead of 7.99 € per month).

As mentioned, TIMVISION gold Also includes service Disney +showcasing Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and Star content, as well as the streaming platform for Netflixwith the full catalog even simultaneously on two devices and with a view up to HD (Netflix Standard).

Finally, it should be noted that for everyone New and existing TIM fixed network clientsespecially those who have not yet activated TIMVISION, by subscribing to these two streaming packages, it is also possible to obtain 6 months free of Amazon Prime.

Alternatively, for all TIM landline customers, as of January 29, 2023, the Amazon Prime option is available with the The cost is 4.99 euros per month for both new and existing customerswhich has been notified of a redesign in recent months.

In any case, thanks to the Amazon Prime service, in addition to those included in Infinity +, it is also possible to see The remaining matches of the UEFA Champions League exclusively on Prime Video.

TIMVISION box, activation cost and other information

In all current offers of the TIM streaming platform always Also including the TIMVISION Fund on FREE LOANNo additional cost.

Moreover, me TIM landline customers with TIMVISION They can too Rent an additional decoder with the offer TIMVISION Bonus BoxThe ability to choose between the standard model (5 euros per month) or even the new model Timvision atmosphere box (7 euros per month), and the latter has built-in audio from Bang & Olufsen with Dolby Atmos.

With TIMVISION Calcio e Sport and TIMVISION Gold offers, it’s always there One-time activation feeIt equals 19.99 euros. However, as already mentioned, Currently to activate the two packages online, the activation cost is free.

For existing customers who have already included the TIMVISION Box decoder in their offer, the one-time activation cost is €9.99 instead.

Finally, it should be noted that the basic promotion TIMVISION Calcio e Sport is the only one that can also be purchased by OLO customers (TIMVISION Football & Sports Oct), with the Online procedure dedicated to Customers of other operators who do not want a SIM card Is that They have no intention of becoming TIM customers Land line or mobile.

In this case, the service must be activated TIM auto rechargeThe payment method (credit card) will be associated with TIMVISION monthly renewals.

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