Home entertainment Where is the new Amazon Prime TV series “Monterose” released?

Where is the new Amazon Prime TV series “Monterose” released?

Where is the new Amazon Prime TV series “Monterose” released?

The Amazon Prime Video TV series Monterossi is an adaptation of the novels by Alessandro Rubicci, published by Celerio, and stars Fabrizio Bentivoglio as Carlo Monterossi, a successful television author who has avoided death by a stroke of luck and who, spurred on by an insatiable thirst for truth, decides to improvise detective to discover the truth.

Popular places of Monterossi

But the protagonist of the noir series is also a sad Milan, historical and perhaps a bit old now, unlike modern Milan, made up of notable new skyscrapers and green and pioneering neighborhoods, which Monterossi sees from the window of the house, in one of Milan’s old neighborhoods that are slowly and relentlessly changing .

Old Garibaldi and Porta Nuova

they are shortcomings Jay Aulente Square, what has become the new symbol of Milan in the eyes of the world, far from the Duomo, Castello Sforzesco and the historic Brera district. With an area of ​​2,300 square meters, three circular fountains covered by a cover of water, a roof made of slate, and a seat of 105 meters carved with round lines, this square, in the area Garibaldi – Porta NuovaIn 2016, he was awarded the most prestigious architecture award, the Landscape Institute Prize.

Old and new Milan

Navigli Milan

In the investigations of Monterossi and his improvised investigators – Nadia (Martina Samarco) and Oscar (Luca Nocera), two co-directors with whom he was involved in his very dangerous projects – we can see other well-known sights of the city. the Navigli, “Sea” of Milan. Among the railing houses with pastel-colored facades, cobblestone streets, and the little bridges that connect the banks, it is the most famous area to witness the city’s nightlife. and where some important facts of the Monterossi investigation occur.

Milan Naviglio

Naviglio Milan

archaeological cemetery

If there’s ever been a place that’s impressive, it’s the cemetery. The Monumental is the protagonist in some scenes of the “Monterossi” series. This is not a cemetery like the others, it’s a real open air museum. Art and photography students are brought here on their first field trip, because it is a place full of artistic inspiration as well as peace and quiet.

Entering the monumental cemetery means taking a journey through the city’s centuries-old history, among magnificent architecture, statues, works of art of great value, and famous burials. The magic goes back to the original idea of Carlo Machini, who designed this structure as a place for a picnic. Inside there are tombs of some notable personalities in Milan, such as Alessandro Manzoni. His tomb is easily recognizable by being in the center of the huge hall.

But Sant’Ambrogio, Francesco Sforza, Ludovico il Moro, San Carlo Borromeo and Sant’Agostino are also buried, while the most recent are those of Eugenio Montale, Luchino Visconti, Enzo Biaggi, Dino Buzzati, Giorgio de Chirico, the Campari family, the Toscanini family and many more. Other families who contributed to the development of Milan.

huge cemetery milan

Archaeological cemetery of Milan


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