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Abandoned in a barn for 50 years, this Ferrari is worth millions but was in poor condition

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This is not the case with the motorsport legend: this rare and very expensive Ferrari had a very unhappy fate. Just think they left it for about half a century to gather dust and rust on its own.

It’s time to create an international fund for Research And the discovery of historically significant supercars: see how many there are They were abandoned every year only to be forgotten… The last specimen to be found by collectors is so rare and so expensive that it seems incredible to us that no one has come to claim it. Now restorers will have to work miracles to get it back to working condition.

True crime … (

Supercar abuse

Some cars are undoubtedly more rare and valuable than others and so on, as it happens For statues and paintings In the right proportions, they can’t just be thrown around to collect dust and mold inside until they rot. However, many unwary owners continue to do so Exactly With their supercars worth millions of dollars.

Having a supercar is not only about driving around the neighborhood making all the passers-by turn their heads, it is also Quite a responsibilityà: Ferrari knows this all too well and doesn’t take lightly the treatment their cars are subjected to – such as unauthorized tuning or the obnoxious display of the car on social media – which would likely “excommunicate” such a lazy owner on the spot.

Effe Canva 29_11_2022 Off-Road World
The rediscovered car costs as much as an F40 like the one in the photo (

name and fate

Some Ferrari cars The rarest and most sought after Of the others on the second-hand market: it is impossible not to mention Ferrari 365 Daytona between these cars. Curiously and perhaps purely by coincidence, the car bore the same name as the Rolex Daytona which in its field, that of luxury watches, could easily be compared to the car in terms of the esteem it aroused from collectors.

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However, Daytona…is worth a lot more. This supercar was built between 1968 and 1974 in a few samples, around 1400 according to Wikipedia, which makes it highly desirable. Powered by the powerful V12 engine and featuring a memorable streak, the car was not only good looking but also competitive, and in the 1970s it won more than one important event including the 1971 Le Mans 24 Hours race for example.

See how they lowered it

To date, a Daytona in good condition can be worth up to two million euros, but that hasn’t stopped the owner of this beautiful Ferrari Daytona 365 GTB/4. The car carries chassis number 12653 and it is the only way Of this model was produced with an aluminum frame, making it even more rare: traces of the model were lost in 1980 when it was purchased by a Japanese customer.

Daytona Web Source 29_11_2022 MondoFuoristrada
Abandoned Ferrari (

Sadly, this one wasn’t paying much attention to the car which, as in the best clichés about supercar finds, was found in a barn in terrible condition. All this happened in 2017 and only recently The car underwent a lengthy restoration that brought it back to its former glory. Experts estimated the sample at 1,700,000 euros, which is certainly not a small amount.

But will the car still run? Certainly, it was a restoration Happy ending But it remains a real offense against enthusiasts to abandon such a supercar in the middle of nowhere. Especially since if the owner had sold it he could have made a million plus! Obviously some people are not worth their money.

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