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Como hockey, victory and summit. And now Eban is in the playoffs

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Against Alleghe emphasized the good momentum of the biancoblù

The fourth victory (5-3) in the past five days gives Komo Hokie the first place in the final classification of the qualifying round and the quarter-finals of the qualifying round with Iban. The biancoblù respected the prediction (perhaps with a bit of added suspense) by beating on the ice Casate’s friend, last of the class, Alleghe.

The success, coupled with the simultaneous (surprising) defeat of Valdivime in Valdivimi, allowed coach Massimo da Rinn’s players to reach 25 points, taking the lead in the playoffs, ahead of the other Valdivimi (24 points) and Bressanone (22). Promoted to playoffs.

A “platonic” success that serves, however, to increase the self-esteem of the Como population, in view of the recent phase of the Italian Hockey League. The results of the Masters Round, with Bergin stopping in Varese’s home and Appiano triumphing with Dobbiaco, determined the quarter-final showdowns with Como who will face Iban.

Starting next Saturday on the home ground of South Tyrol, to the best of five matches (the second and possibly the fourth at the Casati arena).

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