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Amazon is known for being very comfortable with online purchases on its portal. It is even more so, when events like Black Friday loom on the horizon. Like many stores, even the most famous e-commerce site in the world offers deep discounts for this event.

Among all the devices on offer, it is also possible to find several gaming smartphones, specially designed for those who want to have a suitable device in every situation and place. In particular, there are four very interesting models, let’s see which one.

Xiaomi is dominating the scene

Xiaomi leads the way among the various offerings on smartphones. We see Samsung with many discounted models, but gaming devices like those in the Xiaomi line offered by Amazon are not considered. Among these, in fact, we see the Realme GT series, with several smartphones on offer:

  • The world of GT 5G: Starting at €499.00 to €389.99 in black
  • The world of GT 2 5G: Pricing starts at €549.99 to €379.99, in the colors Paper Green, Paper White, and Steel Black.
  • Realme GT 2 PRO 5G: starts from 749.99 euros to 549.99 euros in the 8 + 128 GB memory format, while in 12 + 256 GB it goes from 849.99 euros to 629.00 euros, and it is available in the same colors as the GT2 model.
  • Realme GT NEO 3 80W: starts from € 599.99 to € 449.99 in 8 + 128 GB memory format, available in Asphalt Black, Nitro Blue and Sprint White colors; Other memory formats are also available

Xiaomi’s smart gaming gem

Maybe not everyone knows that The POCO line turned out to be the second brand that belongs to Xiaomi. This brand offers several gaming devices, including one of the latest arrivals, the LITTLE F5 GT 5G. This particular smartphone is very interesting, offering performance worthy of a gaming device in a very comfortable smartphone, starting with the side blocks of commands during game sessions.

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The 8+128GB model is a bestseller from both Amazon and Xiaomi official website, but, If you plan to use applications that require a special amount of RAMit is advisable instead to buy its more powerful version, 12 + 256 GB.

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