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Scream VI: Review of the new movie from the slasher saga

Scream-VI review

Rule number one: Scream It’s epic now, so everything must be thought of bigger. Second rule: Historical figures are cannon fodder. Rule number three: New characters are also expendableBecause what matters is the narrative universe. If in 1996 the first Scream He is best known for codifying a number of the rules of the horror genre, Sixth scream Now she proposes to do the same in era of epics, franchises, sequels, remakes, reboots, spin-offs, contests, remakes, etc. This sixth chapter, directed like the previous ones before Tyler Gillette And Matt Bettinelli Olbin And in the room ever since March 9thand thus proceeds with the horror that it arouses ghost face and the cinematic meta-rhetoric typical of the slasher series.

Continue to work yes, but with enough new elements to allow the saga to evolve, a sine qua non for survival in the continuous evolution of the American film industry. Therefore, the first and most important novelty is farewell to history Woodsboro as a location for the story. Instead we are now in New York, the city that never sleeps, where the sisters are Sam (Melissa Barrera) And Tara Carpenter (Jenna Ortega), along with the twins Chad (Mason Gooding) And Mindy Mix (Jasmine Savoy Brown) try to live a peaceful life after the horrors she experienced in the previous movie. But again they will be joined by the madness of a new person ghost facewhich will immediately make it clear that the new city also entails new rules.

sixth scream, From the city to the capital

Epic lovers Scream They know how important the Woodsboro context is within this. Therefore, the move from the famous city to New York City was the element that most aroused a certain curiosity about it. Sixth scream. A change that not only signals the need for a renewal of the saga, ready to transcend the boundaries in which it has always lived so far, but also heralds new possibilities for future paths. Thus, its novelty is in line with today’s demands that the industry is addressing for this kind of epic story. So New York has become a new scene of horrors perpetrated by Ghostface, where you can move through dark alleys, shops, subways and any other kind of crowded place.

Therefore, the scenes set in these contexts are particularly strong, including the one in the subway, which we already got a taste of with the trailer. Between the close-ups, the flashing lights and flashes, and the crowd in which one can cleverly hide, this moment undoubtedly becomes one of the most iconic moments in the film, as the New York setting is well exploited to generate that sense of tension of being in a place where danger can arrive in Any time and from any direction. The city isn’t always exploited enough in film, but other films should be Scream And should it always be set in New York, there would certainly be a way to explore it better.

Cry Vi Gina Ortega
Melissa Barrera, Gina Ortega, Jasmine Savoy-Brown and Mason Gooding in a scene from Scream VI.

past and future Sixth scream

However, the location change isn’t the only new one. The fifth chapter, which came out last year, anticipates it and this sixth is the most powerful looking: Scream Ready to change generations. A new generation of characters was introduced in the previous film and this new generation is even the first to not boast the historical heroine of the series, namely: Sydney Prescott to Neve Campbell. So it seems the passing of the baton is complete, now offering viewers a new phase of the saga that already maintains links with its past, but at the same time, as mentioned earlier, is ready for new rules, even at the cost of betraying those that were in force before.

Also in this respect the method is indicative Sixth scream Consider all of Ghostfaces past, right down to the iconography Billy LoomisSam and Tara’s father. The film cannot help but take its origins into account, presenting them tangibly in a cinema/museum that becomes a very symbolic space. Outside of it, what is presented to viewers is thus a continuous cinematic meta-reflection on a story Scream Like violating the expectations of the beholder. So ironic about itself, about the current film industry and audience habits, the film is certainly different from the one that welcomed Chapter One in 1996.

More violence, more blood, more evil

“The series falls apart from the fifth movie onwards”says one of the heroes Fifth screamjudge something else stab, The movie-within-a-film series. Now that the fifth chapter of Scream It’s passed and VI is ready to hit theaters, we can breathe a sigh of relief: the series hasn’t gone to hell… for now. This is because Betili Olbin And Gillette prove once again that they are profound experts on the subject and are able to shape it in such a way as to satisfy both seekers of violence and bloodshed and those who care most about it. detective storytrying to locate the killer before the protagonists.

Sixth scream Thus it proves that it is a film full of good tension and humor and that even if it cannot abandon the classics jumpscare At least find a way to make them more acceptable and less forced. There is no lack of some finesse in the writing, but it is more than made up for by the sequences that are able to make the viewer truly hold their breath. Thus, the two directors are crucial factors in the success of this new chapter. Will it be the last? Given the innovations that have been introduced, it is hard to believe, but the mentioned trends at least seem to portend an increasingly bleak, violent and, above all, unpredictable future.


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