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Under the net you earn nearly 10 years. Science says so (but also Pietrangeli) – Torino Ogi

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Under the network (or from the foundation) you earn almost ten years old. says the science, which attributes the long-term benefits of tennis (but also to its beach or paddle version) to its practitioners.

It was discussed at Casa Tennis (Palazzo Madama) just this week as Turin dedicates itself to the ATP Finals. The research was conducted by the Copenhagen Heart Study, a global organization for the prevention of cardiovascular disease in Denmark.

To be precise, the average life expectancy of tennis players is over 9.7 years. “Tennis and swing are an emerging phenomenon and this data is allowing us to break down more physical and cultural barriersI – says Angelo Benaghi, President of the Italian Tennis Federation -. There is a great need for structures and fields, because people want to play more and more. But above all, we need to shatter misconceptions such as those that want tennis to be a harmful sport, especially for children, because it is uneven. And even in a pandemic, it has been proven to be one of the safest sports to play. In recent years, our membership has tripled, within a stalled system. We are the second most practiced sport in Italy after football.

High blood pressure and heart disease as well as socialization: the positive effects of sports, and tennis in particular, are evident to all. Add Giorgio Menincheri, President and founder of Tennis & Friends Health and Sports, specialist in preventive medicine and member of the FIT Medical Committee. “The results of these studies, which lasted 25 years, took into account a population from 20 to 93 years old and showed that especially with new devices and gadgets, there are no risks, only benefits. There is a 47% lower mortality rate for those who play racquet sports, and I’ll give that for cardiovascular disease, it goes up to 56%. The life expectancy is nearly 10 years which is about twice as long as a soccer ball and twice as long as swimming, cycling and jogging.”

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Federtennis pays special attention to the health aspect – pointing to Emile SudanoFederal Doctor of the Italian Tennis Federation -. And our projects are more ambitious. “But how much sport do you need?” In a society that moves little, you should try to do as many activities as possible, from walking to staircase. One hour a week is enough to play tennis, and also burn enough calories to lose weight.

“In Turin, one of the most important victories of my career ties me, but when it comes to health, luck matters too – Nicholas Pietrangelithe absolute world champion in racket and the Italian tennis ambassador to the world -. Hence, prevention is important: we are vulnerable, but there is no need to fear the outcome of the tests. This is the only way to know if something is in time. A project like Tennis & Friends, which we have been organizing for some time, is unique in the world. I also spoke about it with the President of the Republic, Mattarella.

Tennis can be played at any age, but without overdoing it or making a fool of yourself – concludes Pietrangeli -. Hence you have to have fun and learn to lose. Everyone is good at winning.”

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