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IHL, 2022-23 season starts from the starting line: Birth of HCMV Varese Hockey

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Varese will also have her own ice hockey team this year Registered in Italian Hockey League IHLi.e. the main Italian championship of CONI which is played only on the whole national territory.

The same teams as last year will be at the start of the new season, starting in September, with two exceptions:Absence of UnterlandThe winner of the title then immigrated to the AHL, asking for registration in the Italian-Austrian Championship and Having Valpellice Bulldogwho moved up from Division 1 after winning the recently concluded season finale.

IHL registration is certainly good news for the yellow and black future in light of the reopening of the ice rink scheduled for early September. Speaking of the future, the company is registered in the Italian Hockey League with the name HCMV Varese Hockeya new company name, with President Carlo Pinowhich acquired the sport directly from the previous management of Co-operative Hockey Club Varese 1977Which You will continue to deal exclusively with the youth sector With the current president, Matteo Torchio.

The decision was made after a shareholder meeting so that the two realities could be better coordinated and in a more organized manner.

“I wish the new company a great wish – he says Matthew Torchio After all these years, it’s time Develop new ideas So that the hockey movement in Varese can always have an evolutionary path and continuous growth ».

“I thank Matteo Torchio for his good wishes. Comments from his side Carlo Pino – I have been approaching hockey for a few years now and, with enthusiasm, I have decided to take on this new venture, with other people who share my passion and affinity for yellow and black. The goal is More improvement What good have those who have gone before me and tried so far have done so far Opening new horizons for Varese hockey In the Mastiff’s mark ».

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Regarding this change, the team announces that a press conference will be held soon by the new company to showcase the new Sports and Management project. Moreover, the cooperative will soon plan to hold a meeting with members and parents of children and young people to communicate the development plan related to the youth sector, which has always been a pioneer for Varese hockey.

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