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The selection of the film begins in Ciociaria: the required characters

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The new film project of director Daniele Santamaria Maurizio, produced by Human Film International and the Mariani Group, was officially presented at the Ducal Castle in Monte San Giovanni Campano.

It will be called “We Are Perverted Teenagers.” “The Parioli Scandal… Genesis” will deal with the scandal of the afflicted child in the famous Roman neighborhood, recalling a news story that shook the capital eleven years ago and stunned all of Italy. “But it will not be a documentary – explains director Daniele Santamaria Maurizio at the beginning of the press conference – we will not explore the legal case, the outcome of which is defined and known to everyone. It is a film noir inspired by the author’s free narratives, which take inspiration from what happened but with cinematic differences typical of the chosen genre. The goal is to awaken consciences and condemn the perversion of the human race, based on the essence of the matter: using sex not as a tool for pleasure, but as a key to power to obtain material benefits.”

“Cinema is always a challenge, and therefore for me it represents the opportunity to constantly test myself, as a man and as a producer – comments Manuel Kéré of Human Film International – This will be my first feature film in cinema and I am really happy about it.” The ability to work on a project that aims to bring back into vogue the true essence of cinematic art: being a tool for social narrative and a magnifying glass for the great themes of today’s world. My commitment to cinema starts from here.”

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“As an entrepreneur, I never thought I could make a film, but when Daniele and Manuel presented me with the project, I had no doubts. The goals set and the brilliant writing work carried out attracted me immediately – comments Fabio Mariani, from Mariani Group. Choosing a venue The screening and casting is up to you, which will always take place at the Palazzo Ducale tomorrow, October 13, from 9am to 8pm, and Saturday, October 14, from 9am to 7pm, to search for roles, special characters and extras. “These are opportunities to do local marketing and educate people “With amazing venues like this, thus providing all those auditioning with a scenario worthy of the experience they are about to encounter.”

The film is currently in pre-production. The first round will be held in Rome in November. The presentation was moderated by lawyer Marco Cianfrucca, in the presence of some artistic figures who will work on the film. In support of the production, congratulations and greetings arrived from the municipal administration of Monte San Giovanni Campano, in the person of Maurizio Nardozzi, the consultant responsible for the show.


Human Film International, a film and television production and distribution company based in Latina, is looking for the following characters to be included in a feature film to be shot in and around Rome in November/December 2023. The new film project was presented this morning at the Ducale Castle in Monte San Giovanni Campano.


– Sonia: She is 17 years old, of natural build, a blonde with a confident personality, and a lover of selfies and social media.

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– Francesca: Age 17, plump, blonde or brunette, insecure

– Elenia: She is 17 years old, with a natural build, brunette, wears glasses, and is confident in herself. She is considered the “comedian” among the three.

Special characters:

-Principal: An intelligent and elegant-looking man, a burly and naive high school principal.

– Saleswoman: The stage is 25/30 years old, stunning makeup.

Andrea: Age: 17 years old, handsome but insecure-looking boy, athletic.

– Colonel: Age 30/45

– Teacher: Age group 45 years


Boys and girls, age range from 17 to 50 years.

Send close-up photos, complete look, technical CV and phone number to [email protected]

Indicate in the relevant email the role in which you intend to participate in the selection and complete the full participation form, as well as the privacy form.

You will have to access the selection using the two completed forms and a front and back copy of your identity document and health card

A link to download the forms to fill out and bring with you on selection day will be sent to your email address after submitting your application

The casting will take place at Castello Ducale Monte S.giovanni Campano (FR) on two dates

One day October 13, 9:30am/8:00pm

Day 2: October 14 at 9:30 a.m./7:00 p.m

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