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Eva Kylie saw her daughter again after nearly a month in prison. Metsola prepares to squeeze the lobbies –

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to Giuseppe Guastella, sent to Brussels

He hasn’t seen her for about a month. Grandfather accompanied the minor Alexandros. MEPs’ lawyer: They played in a room that didn’t look like a cell

From our correspondent
BRUSSELS – The little pink quilt that sways uncertainly, like children under two who throw themselves unconscious even if they have not yet learned to walk properly, a splash of cheerful color in the gray sky that weighs heavily on Haren and the prison of the same name where For the first time, the restless little girl who was dressed up was able to hug her mother Eva Kylie again, They were arrested in the investigation into alleged interference resulting from bribes from Qatar and Morocco under Antonio Panzieri’s NGO Fight Impunity. However, there, mother and daughter happily played together.

It is certainly not pleasant to see a girl so young that on the day of the Epiphany she goes to prison while her grandfather Alexandros has his head covered with the hood of his jacket and his face hidden behind a mask, and the taxi driver who accompanied him leads her, holding her by her little hands. But this is the maximum allowable. And anyway, there’s a lot more to Kylie who, as her lawyer Michalis Dimitrakopoulos from Greece said, His heart was bleeding from not being able to hug his daughter at least for Christmas.

The meeting finally took place after the lack of prison staff was justified over the Christmas period, but the suspect’s lawyer also aimed to pressure the former Greek TV journalist into admitting her responsibility, which she did not do. He has nothing to confess because he is alien to any accusation. At about 4.30pm, a client who approached her lovingly was waiting for the young girl at the entrance to the prison. The permit gave the mother and daughter three hours to stay together.

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How that first meeting went was told by attorney Dimitrakopoulos who was able to speak directly with PASOK MEP over the phone. Ms. Kylie said she was happy to be able to see her daughter after a month. To mitigate, if not avoid, impact trauma with the hull, management made available a dedicated room. It was a very good arrangement because it did not give the impression of being a dungeon, the lawyer explains. The meeting lasted about two hours and twenty minutes, during which time the lady and her little girl played some games together.

Three hours later, the grandson and grandfather walked back out of the prison door and returned to the car in which they had arrived. Since Mrs. Alexandros’s grandfather, who is taking care of the child, was arrested. He, too, was arrested shortly before his daughter when he was stopped in the street by police while pulling a cart containing €600,000 in cash. He had picked up the suitcase a short while ago in the beautiful Brussels home his daughter shares with her partner, Francesco Giorgi. The former Greek TV journalist has always denied knowing where the money came from but also that the banknotes were in her home. It was precisely these, or perhaps the order to withdraw them from the father, that the judge considered an offense in flagrante delicto, the only condition that could overturn the parliamentary immunity protecting MEPs and lead to arrest. In the same hours in which Antonio Panziri and the partner of Kylie Giorgi were arrested, who were considered by the prosecution to be the main axes of the movement of Qatar and Morocco in light of the fight against impunity that Panziri founded. An NGO champion pushed pressure into excessive corruption. To limit the scope of action for lobbyists in parliament, President Roberta Metsola will present a specific reform bill on Thursday.

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