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Science reveals the exact number, an unexpected study

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Does money bring happiness? It seems the age-old dilemma has been debunked: Science has said so.

Happiness in the coin of money (Pixabay)

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The saying “money does not bring happiness” seems dismissive: in fact, a new study seems to say the opposite, or rather indicates what it takes to be happy. It certainly helps to live better, but having an annuity – obviously legal – certainly allows you to face the day with a different spirit and awareness; In fact, we will all be able to get rid of any whim and desire that is increasingly difficult to fulfill nowadays.

Money Makes Happiness: Science Says So

Coin happiness (Pixabay)

As mentioned, a study conducted by Dr Daniel KahnemanA professor of psychology at Princeton University in the US and a Nobel laureate in economics reported that the threshold of $75,000 per year (€70,000) certainly seems appropriate to allow anyone to live without worries and worries about the rest of their lives. .

However, according to the scientist, happiness and well-being in general are two things that are not related to each other, but can be better intertwined and integrated thanks to this special economic condition. Therefore, the income certainly helps to lead a more peaceful life with the possibility of taking off as an entertainment that from time to time gives joy to individuals.

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