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Have you ever seen Helena Bonham Carter’s children? They’ve appeared in some movies

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Helena Bonham Carter She is a character in every way. She is a versatile, flexible and realistic actress, who has managed to win the hearts of many thanks to her amazing and unique performance. In all of this, she is also and above all a mother.

We know that her private life is usually very private, but the woman takes pride in her emotional history that has made many fans dream around the world. In fact, Helena Bonham Carter has been a companion for 13 years Tim BurtonI love the director all over the world.

The two together drove the audience crazy. Their relationship started in 2001when they met in a group planet of the apes. At that time, the director was living with the actress Lisa Mariebut Bonham Carter literally stole his heart and they soon began a story that led them to be the parents of two children.

Who are Billy Ray and Neil Burton?

Billy Ray Burton

The couple’s first child Billy Raymond BurtonBorn in October 4, 2003. The choice of name was very special. In fact, when the two found out that they were expecting their first child together, they were convinced it was a girl.

When they find out, however, that it was a boy, the parents find themselves at a loss, especially in name selection. For this reason, the child remained nameless for the first month of his life, until his parents decided to call him Billy Raymond.

Friendship between a famous couple and actor Johnny Depp Means that the child was baptized by the famous artist. The boy, who grew up in this context, immediately became very familiar with the world of entertainment and the camera. We saw him, in fact, as an extra in the movie Chocolate Factory (2005).

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Neil Burton

the December 15, 2007Instead, their second child was born, Neil Burton. Like her brother, the baby girl is also a granddaughter Johnny Depp. On the other hand, the girl’s name comes from the mother’s inspiration for all of Helen’s family in her family.

She also appeared in some very famous films of her father. Among these we remember Alice in Wonderland (2010) or so big eyes (2014).

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