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Gaming Strategies: How to Beat the Casino in Online Slots

Gaming Strategies: How to Beat the Casino in Online Slots

Slot machines are one of the most popular and, simultaneously, the most numerous categories available at any Canadian online casino. For example, online casino GGBET offers hundreds of games with different mechanics, themes, demo modes, and more. Also, casinos often include slots in their deposit and no-deposit bonus programs.

Based on an investigation held in 2022, about 49% of players prefer to try their luck in slot games. It is explained by the fair simplicity of the gameplay, engaging video/audio features, bonus games, and high payouts. Many gamblers want to beat the casino by any means and hit the jackpot.

In fact, it is not the easiest thing to do since slots are not skill-required games, but 100% depend on the RNG. However, there are a few strategies that may increase the chance of getting bigger profits from spinning reels.

High RTP Slot Games

Every slot has a certain RTP rate you should consider. This value shows the average payout rate in the long run. For example, if you play a slot with 97% RTP and place a $100 bet, it means that you will get (theoretically) $97. However, it always takes some time, so it is important to select games with high RTP. Among the top ones are the following:

  • Blood Suckers by NetEnt (98%);
  • Starmania by NextGen (97.87%);
  • White Rabbit by Big Time Gaming (97.72%).

You can find info about the RTP in the slot’s description on the casino platform or by checking it on the software developer’s site. Another parameter close to RTP is volatility. It shows players the frequency and amount of payout they get depending on the bet size they use. Depending on your needs and goals, you may choose game slots with low (frequent wins with low cash prizes) or volatility (big wins which happen fairly rarely).

Casino Bonus Program

Almost every gaming site offers a bonus program to attract potential customers and keep regular players engaged. So, it makes sense to check the casino’s bonus offers before registration and figure out whether they include slots that are interesting for you. Also, check out bonus T&Cs, including the following:

  • Wagering requirements: it is better to choose x50 or less;
  • Maximum bet size: pick bonuses with maximum bet sizes available since it helps to meet rollover requirements faster;
  • Expiration date: a longer expiration date gives you more opportunities to meet wagering requirements.

It will help get a big picture of whether you can meet all requirements in time and withdraw winnings. As a rule, bonuses give you an advantage in the form of FS on eligible games or bonus cash you can spend spinning reels. Some promos, like welcome bonuses, combine these offers.

For example, newcomers may top up the balance with the min required deposits and get up to a $150 CAD bonus + 200 FS on the Mechanical Clover slot. No-deposit bonuses are a perfect option since you receive either FS or bonus cash without taking any risks. But in this case, you should be ready for high wagering requirements of up to x70.

Demo Play

Understanding the slot’s mechanics and UI is important when you play for real money. For example, it helps faster react to changes and focus more on the gameplay. That is why you should test the game’s features using a demo mode.

This option does not differ from real money play in terms of RTP, volatility, in-game features, etc. The only difference is that you can not cash out winnings. Playing for free, you may better understand the game, explore your betting patterns, check RTP (in case you play a long session), and so on.

Bet and Deposit Management

These options are closely connected and impact your winning amount and the time you stay in the game. It is better to start with a small deposit and slowly progress it. Try to place bets which are about 1%-2% of your bankroll amount. As for deposit management, you should limit the sum you can use per 1 day, week, or month of playing.

It helps to stick to the basic Responsible Gambling rule and not chase losses. Otherwise, you may end up only with financial problems and a spoiled gaming experience. You may do it on your own or use the help of multiple applications like Mint, Simplifi by Quicken, or You Need a Budget (YNAB).

Betting Strategies

Some layers prefer to bet using algorithms of increasing/decreasing wager size depending on the outcome. The most popular are the following:

  • Martingale. In this case, you must double the initial bet size every time you face losses.
  • Reverse Martingale. As the name suggests, you must double the bet sum every time you win.
  • Fibonacci. Here, you place bets based on the Fibonacci sequence and move to the next number when you lose. If you win, you step back two numbers.

Though these strategies may increase your chance of winning, they do not guarantee you success. It is especially important to remember when you face a losing streak. In this case, it is better to take a cool-off period and return to the game later.


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