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WhatsApp, another big blow: users warn

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A new big hit for WhatsApp users. The sudden overtaking of a fierce competitor: what’s going on.

New low hit for instant messaging (via screenshot)

Check out the new inconvenience for The WhatsApp. In fact, the competitor will be willing to overtake him regarding such an important job as video calls. We are talking about Signal which decided to expand this tool. Now they will be fine 40 users will be able to connect in the same room. Previously the maximum was at least 5 participants. While the Meta app only allows 8 users to connect at the same time.

So we are talking about a fundamental novelty regarding the open source messaging app. Moreover, the update was not to be carried out easily. In fact, it is within video calls to protect users’ privacy End-to-end encryption. The announced modernity Signal Already available to all users. In fact, it will be enough to update the application inside of it Play Store the App Store. For more information, users can refer to the social pages of the application.

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WhatsApp, you can finally receive and send money: Upcoming news for users

The WhatsApp
How to send and receive money on the messaging app (via a screenshot)

During 2021 The WhatsApp It has received many updates, with developers already keeping in mind new updates especially after the launch of dead From Mark Zuckerberg. For several months, the social network giant has been thinking about introducing encryption Inside the messaging app. Specialized portals focused on releasing news Mac rumors e Take Crunch. The big news is about to premiere in the USA, powered by and new.

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We are talking about a digital wallet associated with Meta. Moreover, the novelty will also be tested in India e Brazil. This function can be used in a similar way Send many documents and files within the chat. This function will actually be used to allow transactions through encrypted messages. Thus, the new tool will allow the exchange of money Between friends and relatives. This new tool, however, has not yet arrived in Italy, but it could debut on the peninsula during 2022.

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