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“Ricardo is crazy about Ida, that’s what he did in the locker room. Ridiculous scenes”

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Marco Alabiso, the former knight of the throne over men and women, is met by Bedona.

L ‘The former knight of the throne over men and women, Marco Alabisogave a long interview with More who came back to talk about Ida Platano Who had a brief acquaintance before the lady decided to accept the invitation to dinner before Ricardo And then, as we know, the two said goodbye forever.

Men and women, former jockey Marco speaks: “Ricardo is exaggerating, he wants to be a star”

Interviewed by Fralof for Morethe former rider identified, first of all, why he left the dating program Canal 5:

“I am no longer with men and women because I went to Ida. Having chosen Ricardo, I had to leave against myself. If someone had asked me to stay, I would have stayed happy.” […] I went exclusively for Ida because seeing her on TV piqued my interest and I liked it and it piqued my interest. It ended because she still loved Ricardo and when he started in the middle of our story she also started to change her character. What she thought was accomplished, which is that she still intends to try with him.”

Marco and Ida During their first outing, they kissed. A kiss immortalized by the web sparked a lot of curiosity about them. In this regard, the former knight said that he was very annoyed by Ricardo:

“The kiss was something that happened by chance. Ricciardo definitely got annoyed, after this video he started getting in the way of our relationship more and more. From there the quarrels started and I started attacking him so hard because I wanted to put him in an exaggeration, he wants to be a star. We never explained why he doesn’t deal With people face to face. When I asked him to come out to the locker rooms to discuss he didn’t even show he’s only good in front of the cameras. Their camera was a given.”

Marco Then he concluded:

“I understood that there was something more between them when they dated each other, but they always interfered with each other’s knowledge. Then they started to dance together, teasing each other, but only to get close. Even when Ida went out he wanted me to know everything. Where are we going, and what We will.”

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