Home science A popular sport in public: free visits to the Parco della Salute for all

A popular sport in public: free visits to the Parco della Salute for all

A popular sport in public: free visits to the Parco della Salute for all

The project supported by the CON IL SUD Foundation “Popular sport in public places” begins again in the name of safety, health promotion and sport. morning Saturday 17 September at the Parco della Salute at Foro Italico in Palermoinitial preventive intervention is envisaged, Free medical visits for all, with Vivi Sano Onlus and Lilt Palermo doctors, who will be available for medical check-ups and advice on healthy lifestyles. The Cardiovascular Risk Assessment course will give you the opportunity to test your health for free.

Interested persons will be invited to fill in the registration form and medical history, They will be able to measure blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar, cardiology visits are also provided, and they calculate cardiac metabolic risks.. Based on the results of various measurements, experts will give advice on adopting the correct lifestyles.

In the morning, the “Foro Italico Parkrun” will open at 9 am, a non-competitive 5 km race open to all. Free medical examinations will be guaranteed until 1pm with a reservation at [email protected]. This initiative comes within the framework of the heart disease prevention activity provided by the volunteer doctors in Vivi Sano in memory of Livia Morello.

The active project leader in Palermo in the Calsa region isThe Handala Association, which has partners: the Adeobizzo Commission, booq, SEND, Municipality of Palermo, VIVI Sano Onlus, Uisp Palermo, Asd Baskin Palermo and the Rita Borsellino Comprehensive Instituteall the facts that persisted in that area for several years.

“This is the first initiative of the new year for the project. – says Lara Salomon, representative of the project – we believe it is very important that access to sport and access to health go hand in hand. These health promotion activities promise free visits to all in preparation for the various sports disciplines courses that will soon start within the projectSports activities are free for everyone, at any age.”

“The health garden is confirmed thanks to this new opportunity as a wonderful container for health. – says Daniele Giliberti of Vivi Sano Onlus – a community space, also redeveloped thanks to the support of the CON IL SUD Foundation in 2015, where free preventative activities and events are organized. Exercise Good able to influence the sustainability of the city. Our doctors will be available to citizens who want to take advantage of the free health check-up“.


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