Home Tech By March 2023, the UK’s takeover decision will arrive – Nerd4.life

By March 2023, the UK’s takeover decision will arrive – Nerd4.life

By March 2023, the UK’s takeover decision will arrive – Nerd4.life

there UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) She has set a deadline for posting her review onMicrosoft’s acquisition of Activision: will arrive By March 2023.

The British supervisory authority has recently entered the second phase of its investigation into the maximum takeover of Activision Blizzard by Redmond House, as was expected by all, given the scale of the operation.

As we have seen, the CMA is particularly keen to investigate the scenario that may arise from aXbox Exclusive Call of Duty Seriesalso prompted by Sony’s contradictory statements on the matter and notably by PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan, who said he was very satisfied with the depth of the investigation and might eventually derail the process.

In the second stage of the investigation, the independent group is responsible for examining the acquisition in more detail and assessing whether it could become a threat to the acquisition. Competition In the market.

Activision, Headquarters
Activision, Headquarters

If he finds a critical component in this sense, he will have to “determine what kind of action should be taken or suggest a remedy to avoid or at least mitigate the loss of competition” that might result from the acquisition.

It is also for this reason that Microsoft recently opened a kind of website to announce its acquisition of Activision Blizzard, which makes it a kind of advantage for everyone, also noting that Sony and Nintendo will continue to lead the market even after the end of the market. proces.

In the meantime, then there is the maximum time window in which the CMA ruling – which we remember is only one of the authorities examining the matter, as well as the US Federal Trade Commission and the European Commission – must arrive that is March 2023.


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