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Epic Find: A highly desirable bike found packed in a box years later

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A decidedly interesting version of the historic two-wheeler from a well-known British brand is being offered at a price to be determined. What is special about it or what is special about it? Just to connect, these colors are so much fun!

Have you ever watched “branded” car from some cooperation fashion brand? There are many, from versions of the new 500 with the iconic Gucci stripes to the Peugeot 205 Lacoste that has been so successful that it has been reintroduced on the market for years on end. We knew them, but we had never heard of this motorcycle featuring some of the most iconic ‘lines’ in the fashion world…

Wheelie with class (

historical model

Among the most famous motorcycle manufacturers in Europe and perhaps in the world, one cannot fail to include a true legend and authority in the two-wheeled segment, British victoryHe is also the author of creating several historical cars. However, it is certainly in the motorcycle business that the English company has done so well that, to date, it is one of the very few European companies to have an all-electric motorcycle in store ready to go out on the global market.

Aside from the future, the British brand’s past is also full of dizzying successes. Among the most famous and long-lived motorcycles in the house, we cannot fail to mention Bonneville victory which for many years has made riders of all kinds and nationalities happy both on and off the track. When Bonneville hit the market in the early 1960s, its name was inspired by the famous circuit where the main street is speed recordsit was equipped with four cylinders and its design was unmistakable …

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Bonneville Canva 2_12_2022
What will this box contain? (

Incredible style

As often happens in the automotive world, an iconic model like the Bonneville could not fail to become the subject of the advertising campaign of another famous brand from another sector: in this case, Talking about Paul Smiththe British clothing house was founded in 1970 and was very popular in this period, especially after the arrival of the new winter collection.

PS chose the Bonneville T100 engine as the exceptional “testimonial” of its brand: it all happened in 2005, the year of the brand’s 50 samples were taken For British Motorcycle by sticking it on Typical livery A multicolored stripe characterizes her T-shirts, blouses, and jackets. The result was visually interesting but apparently, this particular model didn’t quite capture.

in the box

sample from Triumph Bonneville T100 Paul Smith It’s currently on sale after it was found still sealed in the packaging it was originally packed in: still with the brand’s badge, think about it. The two-wheeler is not very different mechanically and in terms of engine from its unsigned counterpart: in fact, it is equipped with an 864 cc engine capable of delivering 64 horsepower.

Off Canva 2_12_2022
Outside the container, it looks like this (

The bike has clearly covered the 0 km beauty still packed Just as it came off the production lines: for some reason, the specimen never found an owner though it rarely survives in its uncomfortable wooden prison in the US where it is now being auctioned off. The estimated price of the motorcycle is around 13,000 euros, which is not quite a low figure for a motorcycle.

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This certified two-person is for sale in Indiana right now, which will make it very Difficult Participation in the auction for a potential Italian buyer. Too bad, also because the Bonneville Paul Smith isn’t exactly the easiest bike to find on the used market. So bright colors…

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