November 29, 2023

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Science, Innovation and Publishing with Researchers’ Night in Verbania

Science, Innovation and Publishing with Researchers’ Night in Verbania

The Night of the Seekers returns to Verbania, A prestigious initiative promoted by the European Commission that brings together thousands of brilliant minds and research institutions across Europe every year, celebrating knowledge, curiosity and scientific innovation in an event of international importance involving people of all ages. toThe city hosts in these circumstances Friday 29 September A series of attractive events, thanks to the active participation of L.Cobianchi Institute, La Casa del Lago Museum, CNR Institute for Water Research.

IIS Cupianchi students liven up Piazza Ranzoni. Starting from 4 pm until 7 pm, studentsL.Cobianchi Institute of Higher Education He will be present in Piazza Ranzoni in Intra. With passion and competence, they will share technological applications developed in the courses of biology, chemistry, electronics, electrical engineering, mechanics and robotics. It will be an opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in the world of science and discover how theory is translated into practice through technological innovation.

Local aquatic ecosystems are explored at the La Casa del Lago Museum. From 6pm to 8pm via F. Cavallotti in Intra, in Lake House Museum.Children, teens and nature lovers will have the opportunity to discover local aquatic ecosystems through the informative guide “Freshwater – Pages to Discover VCO’s Freshwater”, a volume designed to accompany children and teachers in their knowledge of the water sweets of our county. The museum operators, in collaboration with Condotta Slow Food Verbano and Cusio, will organize workshops and entertainment activities. free entry.

The CNR Water Research Institute opens its doors to citizenship. toCNR Water Research Institute in Balanza Citizens interested in discovering the research projects and topics in which the Institute’s researchers are involved will be welcomed at the Largo Tonoli headquarters. Visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the biodiversity that inhabits lakes and terrestrial environments, explore the impacts of alien species and climate change, discuss issues related to microplastics and learn about alternatives to traditional plastics, such as biodegradable plastics. (Information and reservation

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Pictured is a previous edition of Researchers’ Night