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Busto gives space for new opera sounds. Russians and Ukrainians are missing

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Left to right: Giorgio Trucco, Daniel Giltrudi, Manuela Mavioli, Luca Galli, Nicola Martinucci and Marco Beretta

BUSTO ARSIZIO Sixty-one competitors from all over the world, with Russia and Ukraine absent, for the first edition of BA Lirica International Voice CompetitionThe singing competition will be held today, Friday, May 6th at Bestow Social Theatre Semi-finals and Saturdays at 9 pm The final is open to the public. Today he commented on “Large Number: The project is off to a good start” Danilo Puertonewspaper editor OperaClickwhen presenting Rigoletto Which takes place on Sunday 15 May and already has 300 reservations.
To clarify future proposals for opera in the city was the deputy mayor Manuela Mavioliroom head Luca GalliAnd Nicola Martinuccithe tenor who frequently opened the La Scala season, the maestro Marco BerettaAnd Giorgio Trucco Trucco Management Agency and Educarte Representatives Danilo Minato and Daniel Giltrudi.

A crew of young artists for Rigoletto

“In my experience, I have participated in dozens of competition arbitration panels e I was amazed at the response, especially at a time when there are often thirteen to fourteen members in these competitions,” explained Burrito. Trucco agrees: “With many colleagues I travel all over Italy to find young voices, and I am happy to be among the judges. A competition that, despite Covid and the war, has seen so many participants“.
Beretta, a member of the jury to which they belong confirmed Mavioli, Martinucci, Alberto Oliva, Maria Lyacheva and Elsa Galacio. “I hope to find the interpreters for the upcoming works. Verdi’s masterpiece, BA’s first production, will be shown with the participation of a group of young artists: while Jorge Nelson Martinez Gonzalez Rigoletto will play, Andrea Galli will be the Duke of Mantua and Eri Sunadathe former protagonist of La Traviata, will take on the role of Gilda.”

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Difficulty finding housing for all competitors

«In the period we are going through – noted Mavioli – there is much sadness in hearts and Evasion is reduced to a secondary role: Thus people are far removed from a culture that, in addition to soothing wounds, enriches inwardly by creating a better society. Not to forget that it is an important factor in economic development: two agents for me as a consultant. So without hesitation We wanted to invest in culturelaunched a message with BA Lirica, a project designed in the middle of a pandemic and a ray of light in the darkness of this biennium: choose itafter many events and reviews such as BA Classica, Begins to reward in terms of related activities“.
So much so that Busto’s lodging capacity was saturated, with difficulty finding accommodation for all the singers in the competition: “In my other league, I meet hoteliers, bed and breakfast and property owners to expand the show: It’s a call to the city system to make a leap. Busto knows he’s big, but sometimes he misses a date.”

Pa-Lyric-Rigoletto 02
Danilo Boaretto with makeup, Galli, Maffioli, Martinucci and Beretta

Startup Resources

«As a management, we have already started investing years ago in this sense with Tomorrow’s opera Carry, divided into three shifts, up to 1,500 children. The goal was to “create tomorrow’s audience”: we’re already in “today” but let’s continue our project. BA Lirica has been allocated 50 thousand euros and another 50 thousand euros will be allocated For next year, so from Startup phase support“.
As Galle recalls, another important partner, together with the municipality of Posto, made this adventure possible: “Varese Community Foundation Our endowments expanded. until death Delia Kagili He decided to buy this theater to give life to a social project aimed at young people. Ties strengthened through cooperation with the fourth semester in the classic curriculum of Pina Bausch High School and assignments to the BA Lyrica Library (BA Lirica Fringe and BA Lirica Galà On the 22nd and 23rd of October troubadour December 11) scheduled after the summer.

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Bust of Russian-Ukrainian Opera – MALPENSA24

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