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Smaller packages, always the same prices: This is what deflation means

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Have you ever heard of shrinkage? The term is derived from the English verb to shrink (to narrow) It is the word economic inflation what do you mean economic inflation. It is located around a business training Incorrect which consists in selling product at the same Packaging Which we used to buy at the same price but in a slightly lower quantity compared to the base. In this way, the file consumer He has the perception that nothing has changed compared to the past and even if it iseconomic inflation Pressures, costs and final prices are obviously increasing, but shorthand subordinate food Inside the package is such that it often goes unnoticed. He’s been talking about it lately Massimiliano DonnaPresidentNational Consumers Associationwhich explains in detail the reason for the return of this phenomenon to talk about it, and the reason for its connection with each of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine and problems of transporting goods by land.

“Companies resort to this practice when they find themselves in difficult economic situations. When the legislature raises taxes, they practice this deception at the expense of consumers to recover profits.” Follow Massimiliano Donna The current situation between Russia and Ukraine has certainly affected the downturn due to expensive capacity and increase in raw material costs. In addition to the cost of production, there is also the cost of transportation in Italy, where 70% of the goods are transported by land. ” but the consumer How should he protect himself? “The superpower of the consumer is attention: reading labels is the weapon that can be used against this phenomenon because producers are legally required to report size and weight on the packaging.”

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