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Safe printing systems in a co-working space

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Secure printers can make a difference for businesses looking for maximum protection of valuable data and documents from new cybersecurity threats.

Go to method hybrid work The remote has now become a reality. The pandemic has given a powerful acceleration to this change in the world of work, which is destined to consolidate further over the next few years. According to research by Gartner, at least 48% of workers will continue to work remotely in one way or another even after the pandemic is over. For businesses it is one a challenge This requires the deployment of new tools and solutions to meet Need Workers who can carry out their duties in places and contexts other than the office.

The companies that will emerge stronger from this challenge are the ones that will be able to keep pace with this new way of working. In the first place, they are invited to equip themselves with Flexibility and the velocity needed to respond to the change taking place, and to continue to operate regardless of the social and economic scenario that the pandemic will propose. Moreover, they are called to a strategic approach that implements the new hybrid work environment, defining new technologies and new services that enhance productivity, connectivity and security in this new context. With employees divided between home and office, it is increasingly necessary to provide for them Tools Suitable digital.

Kyocera Document Solutions Italia supports the efficiency and security of your printing and document systems

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The transition to a hybrid business model leads to the emergence of safety From organizational data moved from the central control of the company to the reliability of Internet communications for employees. The number of stations and devices connected to Database Stocks have skyrocketed, and hackers are well aware that the company’s security is as strong as its weakest link.

With the increase in cyber attacks, old solutions to protect documents and data are becoming obsolete. According to IDC, for most organizations, there is a large discrepancy between the level of importance associated with cyber security versus that of printers and documents. Many IT managers and chief information security officers (CISOs) mistakenly believe that systems already in place in the company also protect connected peripherals. Rethinking the security approach should go in an actual direction Control every connected device with corporate networks; Control who accesses shared databases and from where. Without control, data security is left to chance.

KYOCERA Document Solutions Italia, one of the world’s leading technology partners in office document solutions, proposes smart printing systems It aims to integrate with corporate infrastructures and “communicate” with different devices in a simple and efficient manner. Kyocera Document Solutions Italia has designed two A3 multifunctional systems intended to serve as pillars of the security infrastructure: TASKalfa 2554ci e TASKalfa 3554ci. The latter has been developed with a series of security related functions and tools covering different areas; Where that wasn’t enough, there are many Kyocera wallet solutions that increase systems management, access, documentation and information.

Benefits of digitizing offices

Document digitization allows instant access to data with the benefit of reducing business costs. In addition, greater efficiency, greater data security and reduced environmental impact are achieved. For a successful digital model, it will be necessary at the same time to train appropriate digital skills among workers.

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The company’s digitization is also going through increasingly “smart” printing systemsDocument Process Automation and structured archiving of information, to allow secure access to documents, inter-office interoperability and collaboration even on the go.

Execution of remote work o Hybrid work It requires software and hardware solutions that meet the needs of small, medium and large dimensions, combining digital transformation and growth of business competitiveness while containing operating costs. Traditionally, IT departments operated a limited number of printing and multifunction devices in a central office. They now operate as many printers as there are workers and remote office sites. For remote workers, organizations must carefully select systems that provide an appropriate level of security, functionality, convenience, and scalability. This eliminates most consumer printers because they pose a significant security risk, and are less cost-effective and less productive than specialized hardware.

In this sense, Managed Print Services (MPS) enables fleet management of enterprise printers and consumables, helping to improve print operations. Document management is evolving to include MPS and a greater focus on the business as a whole, allowing service providers to take a more comprehensive approach to helping companies reduce costs and improve operations across the entire business cycle.Document Life. Kyocera Document Management ensures the proactive and centralized management of the entire installed park and the organization of document flows. The result is a significant reduction in the IT department’s workload, efficiency and productivity and at the same time a reduction in the company’s environmental impact.

KYOCERA Document Solutions also performs a thorough analysis of the company’s infrastructure and needs, then prepares a bespoke program focused on specific needs in order to achieve significant cost reduction and management benefits. Thus, KYOCERA solutions support the goal of Dispose of any waste And use the company’s resources in a “smart” way.

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KYOCERA systems guarantee the production of large print volumes, as well as long work cycles, thanks to the adoption of ECOSYS Proprietary Technology Which, based on long-lasting components and consumables, reduces operating costs and supports environmental conservation, while respecting the most demanding applicable regulations.

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