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Reggio’s powder keg, new shirts removed leaving room for… spills

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They clamped the fence and created a gap leading to the walled room. Large-scale abandonment of waste is resumed, such as cars crossing an area that should have previously been cleared and redeveloped. It’s a never ending story for the former Polferera. An area that has been waiting for reclamation for decades, in a constant struggle between legality and illegality. A battle in which those who respect the rules are often forced to live with the smell of burnt waste, with abandoned stolen cars, and with broken fences. This time also when the road seemed to have gone the right way, he stopped then. Once a setback occurs, those who continue to break the rules move forward. In fact, the fitting of the new jerseys halted the incursion of those who had given up everything. Activities that have resumed.

As in a game of noxious goose, one starts over again, having to stress that the area is not no-man’s-land, and that the rules of the state must also apply in the vast periphery of the former bolívira. It is no coincidence that a workshop was established in one of the buildings that was built illegally, while the demolition of all buildings was halted due to the fact that two families did not accept the municipality’s housing proposals. The moratorium on clearing and reclamation has translated into this new “force” of gates, while the area remains the environmental bomb that the institutions finally decided to restore in 2018.

Read the full article in the paper version of Gazzetta del Sud – Reggio

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