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Rome, success and emotions in Adriano’s cinema for “The Man Who Painted God” by Franco Nero.

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Great success and many feelings, Wednesday, January 18th to me Adrian cinema to Romefor the movie The man who drew GodWith Franco NeroAnd Kevin SpaceyAnd Stephanie RocaAnd Faye Dunaway And Massimo Ranieri.

The movie is directed by Franco Nerowho returns for the second time behind the camera and also covers the role of the protagonist, playing an elderly person Blind picture teacher.

He was also involved with the director as part of the cast, including the Oscar winner Kevin SpaceyAnd Stephanie RocaAnd Diana DelrabaAnd Simona NasiAnd Diego Casalea young protagonist from Turin Isabelle Ciamaglichella and manufacturer Louis Black.

Many guests and institutions present, among whom we mention a few: Liliana Cavani, Bobby and Antonio Avati, Enrica Buonacorte, Barbara Bouchet, Anna Gallina, Ludovico Fremont, Pino Amendola, Lorena Bianchetti, Manuela Villa, Leopoldo Mastelloni, Cristiano Malgoglio, Meta Medici, Eleonora Fallon , Emma Pirro, Maria Rosaria Umaggio, Pier Francesco Benguetore, Federica Vincente, Pippo Franco, Enrico Vanzina, Mario Zama, Sebastiano Somma, Enrico Lo Verso, Pier Francesco Benguetore, Marco Simone Boccioni, Giampietro Preziosa Models Cinematographers Davide Fontana, Massimiliano Giometti and Manuel Ilari, Raffaele Pagnotta and Sofia Clelia Seville with the representation of the National Group Galacia Cinema, Laura Delle Colli and the Honorable Vittorio Sgarbi, Fausto Bertinotti and Maurizio Gaspari.

The entire movie was made in Turin It is produced by Louis Black for L’AltroFilm with American producer Michael Tadros JrAnd Bernard Salzman And in Russian Alexander Nestratov With the production houses Tadross Media Group and BuldDog Brothers, in association with Rai Cinema. The man who drew God With the support and contribution of Ministry of Cultural Heritage.

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The event is organized by Francesca Bigianelli, Reggie & Spiccino, press office, Pieta Zalucco image. We thank Adriano cinema and sponsors GB Gioielli Giuseppe Spadafora and Mattia Mor for Emotion and Francesco Polidori for Cepu.

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